A Bolt from the Blue is the eighth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

This episode was also the second part of a three-part story of the revival of Lex Luthor.


A lightning strike gives a dumpy sad stack the same abilities Superman possesses. Garbed in a red suit and blue cape, the newly empowered Resplendent Man goes into the superhero biz - for a price.

Plot Summary

Lois gets a tip from Lex's former personal assistant Mrs. Cox who is still in prison about Lex still being alive and kept in a cemetery and wants to check it with Clark. At the cemetery, a man named William Wallace Webster Waldecker tries to commit suicide and Superman stops him. The moment though he catches his hand, a lightning strikes him and his powers are copied to Wallace.

Dr. Gretchen Kelly who is still keeping Lex's body, witnesses the power exchange and wants to get Superman's powers for herself. Wallace starts calling himself "Resplendent Man" and starts saving people but he charges them for it. Superman tries to talk to him and explain that charging is not how a superhero works but Wallace refuses to listen, while at the same time tries to hide from Lois how Wallace got his powers because then everyone will want to get those powers.

Meanwhile, Gretchen kidnaps Wallace's sister Wandamae (and Lois for following and finding where she is hiding) to force Wallace into helping her get Superman's powers. Superman arrives and even though Gretchen gets his powers from Wallace, Superman manages to use the stimulation and return the powers from both Wallace and Gretchen, to him.

Lois writes the story but skips the part of how the powers of Superman were copied while Gretchen dressed as a coroner, manages to get Lex's body back from the police when everyone believes he is dead.

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