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And the Answer Is... is the twenty-second and final episode of the second season.


Mr and Mrs Superman? A criminal kidnaps Jonathan and Martha and Lois risks her life to save them. In the aftermath of the ordeal, Clark realizes how much he loves Lois and finally asks, "Will you marry me?"

Plot Summary

Clark decides to tell Lois he is Superman when Jason Mayzik calls to inform him that he knows his real identity. Mayzik has a diary written by Tempus (the future villain whom Superman stopped in Tempus Fugitive) from 1866 in his possession where it is described with details of the journey back in time and other accurate major time events.

Mayzik blackmails Clark into stealing $20 million in diamonds from his own jewellery store in exchange for his silence. Clark refuses to do it but when Mayzik kidnaps his parents, who are in town to celebrate their anniversary, and threatens to kill them, Clark has no choice other but do as he was told.

It is revealed that Mayzik works with Nigel St. John, Lex Luthor's former accomplice, who has Kryptonite in his possession. With it they plan to kill Superman after he brings them the diamonds.

Meanwhile, Lois follows Clark and witnesses him robbing the jewellery store. In shock she confronts him and Clark explains his actions by telling her that his parents have been kidnapped. Deeply touched, Lois works with him to help him find his parents and their investigation leads them to Mayzik and his connection to Nigel. When Mayzik at the urging of Nigel, wants Superman to kill Lois, she comes up with a plan that involves Superman freezing her with his breath so she will look dead until he manages to save Clark's parents.

Superman is not willing to do it as it would kill her but he eventually does after Lois shows her bravery and love to help Clark. Just before he does it, he touches Lois and that moment Lois realises that Superman is Clark. Superman delivers Lois' lifeless body to Mayzik and Nigel, where they use the Kryptonite and lock him up with his parents, leaving him to to die.

Mayzik kills Nigel after he attempts to betray him, takes the diamonds and leaves. Superman and the Kents manage to escape and Superman unfreezes Lois while later on, he destroys the diary and takes Mayzik to the police.

Clark leads Lois to a fountain where during a rainstorm, he asks her to marry him. The episode ends just as Lois is about to give Clark her answer...

Guest Cast

Recurring cast

Guest starring


  • Michael Leopard as Sergeant Szymak
  • Lamont Johnson as Marvin
  • Rick La Fond as Man #1
  • Timothy "TC" Camilleri as Maxwell


This is the final appearance of Nigel St. John.

Season 2 (1994-1995)
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