Arianna Carlin is a villain in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

She was the ex-wife of Lex Luthor and after hearing about his death, sought revenge on Lois Lane and Superman as she blindly blamed them for his death.

She was portrayed by Emma Samms.


Lex and Arianna on their Wedding Day

At sometime, Arianna met businessman Lex Luthor and they married on October 4, 1984. After a while the couple soon divorced for unknown reasons, but Arianna still loved him. Years later when she heard of Lex's suicidal death, she was full of rage and bitterness. She blamed Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane for driving Lex to his death, by saying no to him at the altar and Superman for not saving him, probably unaware that he was weakened by Kryptonite at the time when Lex was trying to kill him.

With the help of Lex's former doctor Gretchen Kelly, Arianna manged to steal Lex's body from the morgue, froze his remains and decided to bring him back from the dead.

Season 2

Arianna got a job at the Daily Planet as a psychiatrist and hired a scientist whom she later killed to leave no witnesses of her crimes to reconstruct a henchwoman's face to resemble Lois Lane.