Big Girls Don't Fly is the twenty-second and final episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the second part of a four-part story of the Kryptonian Battle.


Destiny. Krypton is in peril, but to save his home planet Superman must forsake, friends, family - and Lois.

Plot Summary

Zara and Ching inform Clark that many of the Kryptonians had escaped Krypton before the planet blew up and they are all now settle on a new planet they call New Krypton.

Zara is Kal-El's wife from birth which is a custom ritual on their planet and the main reason why Zara and Ching came to Earth so both they could find Clark and take him to his rightful place as ruler of their planet.

The ruling families of New Krypton are in conflict and a Civil War is about to start. If Kal-El will not go back, Zara will be forced to marry Lord Nor, an evil Kryptonian general who would do anything to rule over the planet and enslave their people.

Meanwhile Lord Nor sends his best assassin, Tez, a ugly clawed alien who can transform in any form he wants, to kill Kal-El before he leaves Earth but he fails and his life force is gone.

Clark has to make a very tough decision whether he should leave Earth and he has to decide, along with Lois, what he should do. He finally decides that he should help his people, even if that means he might never see Lois or his parents again.

At the Daily Planet, he makes a announcement to the world on why he has to leave and says a sad goodbye to his friends before leaving to the spaceship with Zara and Ching.

That night Lois looks up at the stars in her apartment as she watches the Kryptonian spaceship go far into space. She hears Clark's voice saying "Lois, I love you."

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