Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Lois and Clark's new best buddies Bob and Carol seem too good to be true. And they are: Bob is the cold-blooded assassin Deathstroke.

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark meet a couple, Bob and Carol Stanford and become friends with them as they are very similar to them and have a lot of things in common.

Meanwhile Clark investigates a series of murders where all the victims seem to have the same mark of a figure eight on their chest by an assassin known as Deathstroke and Lois tries to get an interview with one of the richest men in town, Grant Gendell who has been living in isolation for twenty-three years.

After further investigating, Clark discovers that all the murder victims worked with Denzler, Gendell's lawyer and the assassin behind the murders is none other than their new friend Bob with Carol as his accomplice. Bob had a terrible accident with magnetism and received no compensation for his trouble so he has been wanting to get his revenge by killing Gendell and stealing his fortune.

Deathstroke and Carol follow Lois to Gendell's house but not before Superman arrives first and gives Lois, Gendell and Denzler the information he has discovered.

Deathstroke attempts to kill Gendell but Superman defeats him by destroying the suit that keeps his magnetic powers under control making everything metal in the room stick to him. The Stanfords are then arrested.

Later they meet Gendell who now has a date and go out for an evening with him

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