"Poor Lois, all work and no personality".
—Cat Grant

Catherine "Cat" Grant is a main character who only appeared in the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

She was the attractive gossip columnist of the Daily Planet who had an infatuation for Clark Kent and often used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted.

She was portrayed by Tracy Scoggins.


Cat relies solely on her looks and flirtatious personality to get the best gossip story for the paper and gain a new man in the process. This is shown by the array of outfits she wears and it is revealed that she has an enormous closet full of them.

Cat also shared a rivalry with top reporter Lois Lane who disliked her flirtatious attitude and in return Cat poked fun at Lois never having a love life and choosing work over fun.

However despite her reputation among her coworkers of being callous and motivated only by lust, she is shown to have a deeply emotional and compassionate side, especially when it comes to Clark Kent.


The series doesn't give much detail about Cat's past except that she had previously been married and somehow managed to find work at the Daily Planet. She then became the newspaper's top gossip columnist.

Season 1

When a new reporter Clark Kent arrived at the Daily Planet, Cat immediately fell in love with him and desired to have him for herself, but when Clark's alter-ego Superman arrived as well, she displayed an amount of jealousy by the way he always seemed to rescue Lois when she was trouble. (Pilot)

She spent most of the time trying to woo Clark and made it very clear to him that he found him very attractive, and wished to be romantically involved with him. However Clark, having strong feelings for Lois, did not return Cat's flirtatious feelings, but found it difficult to reject her at the risk of hurting her.

She finally convinced him to have dinner with her at her apartment where she surprised him by dressing in an ordinary everyday casual outfit. Her attempts to seduce him were interrupted by a news story on the television. (Strange Visitor (From Another Planet))

Another such time was when Clark developed amnesia giving Cat the perfect opportunity to have him for herself. But she felt extremely guilty about deceiving him and when Clark eventually got his memory back, she kissed him for "old times". Clark jokingly answered "They were no old times Cat", Cat then jokingly answered back "Can't blame a girl for trying." The two then both laughed. (All Shook Up)

Her final appearance was when she was on a date with a client named George and she later came into the Daily Planet to pick the right kind of negligee to wear, unaware that the building had been taken over by terrorists.

She saw Lois, her chief editor Perry White and billionaire Lex Luthor in Perry's office and didn't know they were being held prisoner. They try to signal to her that they are in trouble, but she takes their signals as helping her decide what negligee to wear and after deciding, left them all behind to continue her date with George.

Next morning after Superman helped stop the terrorists and saved the planet, Cat strolled in and described to Clark, Lois, Perry and Jimmy how her date with George went. She then asks them how their weekend went. The others look at each other speechless and then look at her with disbelief and disgust as it seemed that she was totally oblivious to everything that had happened despite the fact that the story would of been doubtlessly all over the news and there was major damage to the offices she had just walked into that had been caused by the terrorists. Cat was surprised by the expressions on their faces and decided to drop the subject saying "Sorry I asked!" (Fly Hard)


  • When Tracy's contract with the series ended, she chose not to return for the next season. The network also felt that Tracy's character was deemed inappropriate for family time viewing. Her final episode was "Fly Hard," and no explanation was ever given on the show as to why the character had suddenly disappeared, although earlier drafts of the season's final episode "Barbarians at the Planet" script reveal that Cat was originally going to run off with her ex-husband.


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