Chi of Steel is the eleventh episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Superman, master of martial arts. A mysterious Chi warrior steals Perry White's life savings, which leads Lois and Clark into a confrontation with a corporation that exploits Chinese immigrants.

Plot Summary

When Perry gets his his life savings stolen while at a men's club, Lois and Clark begin to investigate to find out what happened. Their investigation leads them to Chinatown where they find out from Chen Chow a friend of Clark's, that someone with the same martial arts knowledge has also robbed several times a specific company in Chinatown.

The thief seems to act like a modern Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor and is also using two bracelets with special power that allow them to use Superman's strength against him and even kill him.

When the leader of the mafia finds out about the power of the bracelets, he wants them instead of his money, so he can kill the Man of Steel. Everyone believes that the thief is Chen Chow since his grandfather teaches the martial arts the thief is using and is also the owner of the bracelets. As it is revealed though, the thief is Lin Chow, his granddaughter and not Chen.

The mafia captures the grandfather, takes the bracelets and asks Lin to bring Superman to them otherwise they will kill her grandfather. Lin manages to teach Superman how to fight against Jzuk-Mao who will be wearing the bracelets, so he will not get killed. Jzuk-Mao is defeated and leader of the mafia is arrested. Superman retrieves the bracelets and gives them back to grandfather Chow who gives them to Lin because she earned them.

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