Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Wikia

"Lois, Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I am".
—Clark Kent

Clark Kent (aka Superman) is the first main protagonist of the series.

He was a top reporter for the Daily Planet but also a superhero who protected Metropolis and the rest of the world from evil.


Clark is kind, caring and has a heart of gold who is willing to stand by his friends and family. He sees being Clark as his true self and his Kryptonian heritage as something he can use to help people with his Superman persona being a disguise.

However, Clark does show signs of great anger when the situation demands especially when a villain is threatening the lives of not only his wife Lois, his family and friends, but the whole of Metropolis.

He has high moral values and strongly believes in abiding by the law and using the gifts you have responsibly. Two such times was when he told new hero Resplendent Man to use his powers for others and not himself and Vixen who he berated for her harsh, brutish ways of dealing with criminals.

Clark loves his parents dearly and often makes visits and asks them for advice. He is also very proud of his costume that his mother had specially made for him.


Baby Kal-El found by the Kents

Clark was born on the planet Krypton with the birth name of Kal-El, the only son of Kryptonian scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara.

Knowing their planet was in danger and about to be destroyed from existence, they made a spaceship and put with it a shield symbol and a globe which would tell their son of his rightful heritage when he matured. They placed Kal-El inside it and sent it to Earth. As Krypton exploded, the spaceship landed safely on Earth in Shuster's field in Smallville, Kansas on May 17, 1966.

There young Kal-El was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent who adopted him and gave him the name Clark Jerome Kent.

Clark grew up and his superpowers began to develop, but he kept them secret with no one else knowing except his parents.

He attended Smallville High School and after graduating, got a job as an editor of the Smallville Press. Clark then decided to go travelling, so he left Smallville in search of a new adventure.

Season 1

In 1993, Clark traveled to Metropolis where got a job as an investigative reporter from editor Perry White at the Daily Planet and met another reporter named Lois Lane. At first they didn't get on because Lois thought Clark was just "a hack from nowhere's ville" and Clark didn't like Lois' arrogant and uppity behavior, even going to the lengths of taking her down a peg or two when she kept stealing ideas and sources for her stories.

He soon became good friends with Perry and co-worker Jimmy Olsen. He also attracted the attention of society columnist Cat Grant, who tried to seduce him every chance she got, but Clark didn't return her feelings and found it difficult to reject her at the risk of hurting her.

Superman with Lois

During his time in Metropolis, he used his superpowers to save Lois and Jimmy from being killed at a rocket base that was being investigated after suspicions of several sabotaging attempts during a space programme. After this, Clark decided to use his powers but also lead a normal life, so in Smallville, Martha helped him create a disguise of red, blue, yellow and the shield symbol that was found in his spaceship. He continued to use his powers to help others and earned the nickname "Superman" because of the symbol of his Kryptonian heritage on his chest and cape resembling a "S". Lois developed infatuation for Clark's alter ego and was his biggest fan.

Clark then moved into a luxurious apartment where he could relax and unwind each day as he pleased.

Superman meeting his soon to be arch-enemy Lex Luthor

At the start of his first year in Metropolis, Superman had his first encounter with scheming tycoon Lex Luthor who appeared honest and loyal on the outside, but evil on the inside who did terrible things to finance his company of LexCorp and other investments at the expense of others. Superman told him that he knew that he was responsible for the sabotaging of the space programme and vowed one day to send Lex to prison and Lex schemed to kill the Man of Steel. (Pilot)

Clark was soon troubled by Jason Trask, a rogue agent from Bureau 39, a organization that dealt with foreign threats, who was untrustworthy of aliens and thought Superman was holding back more Kryptonians from an alien invasion. His organization had stolen his spaceship from Shuster's Field and kept it in a warehouse at their base.

During a search in the warehouse with Lois, Clark found the ship and also a mysterious globe that resembled his home planet attached to it. After a brief fight, involving being pushed out of a plane, saving Lois and stopping a missile, Trask escaped and took everything from the warehouse with him. But Superman vowed to someday stop him. (Strange Visitor (From Another Planet))

Superman started getting a lot of press much to Lex's frustration and he decided to test Superman's powers and weaknesses at the expense of innocent lives, which eventually drove the Man of Steel to confront him and angrily tell him to stop these tests, but Lex told him that he couldn't be everywhere at once and as long as he was in Metropolis, innocent people would die. He then asked Superman if he was willing to hold that responsibility. Superman was on the verge of giving up, but after some encouraging words from Lois that him being there to help others was enough, he eventually proved to Lex that he was willing to do what ever it took to help others in need. (Neverending Battle)

Superman merchandise

Superman soon became an around the world celebrity with merchandise including caps, t-shirts, dolls and posters.

Clark was starting to feel uncomfortable with all the attention his alter ego was getting. He felt that he was being sold off like "a piece of meat" and his true identity seemed invisible.

He also began to have nightmares of Lois, Perry, Jimmy and Cat dressing up in his costume and acting like him with even the ability to fly and it didn't help when he saw Lois wearing a pair of Superman pajamas.

However he knew it was for a good cause with many of the proceeds going to charity and his parents assured him that it was the man underneath the costume that mattered. (I'm Looking Through You)

Later on Clark and Lois' friendship began to develop and after doing their first story together involving cyborg boxers, they became a team of reporters, making them the greatest asset the Daily Planet ever had. Clark fell in love with Lois, but he didn't want her to know the truth in case it put her in danger. (Requiem for a Superhero)

Clark undercover as bartender Charles King

Clark was then assigned to same story as Lois involving arson fires in West River where most evidence pointed to the Metro Club. Lois had already gone undercover as waitress and entertainer Lola Dane so Clark went undercover as bartender Charles King, much to Lois' annoyance who thought Clark being around would spoil everything. While they were there, they were visited by the arsonists themselves known as The Toasters.

Lois then got that the story that Toni Taylor had become the new owner. Toni suspected that a spy was leaking information and was determined to find them.

After Lois gave her dazzling performance of "I've Got a Crush on You", they both saw Lex in the audience and panicked. They went to the storage closet to discuss what to do but Toni found them. With no other choice, Clark, at least to save his own cover, revealed Lois as the leak and at Toni's orders, regretfully threw Lois out into a dirty dumpster.

Lois was none too pleased with having been taken out of the story and stomped off to Clark's apartment, branding him a traitor. Clark explained that Toni would now stop looking for a leak and he could get the next story for both of them. Lois also became jealous of how much time Clark was spending with Toni, but eventually they found out thanks to a tip off from Lex and from Lois following her, that Toni was the one who created the Toasters and that the arsonists had betrayed Toni and were threatening to burn West River to the ground.

Superman eventually "cooled" the Toasters off and they were arrested along with Toni for her involvement. Lois then forgave Clark and their story about the Toasters' capture was published. (I've Got a Crush on You)

During a visit in Smallville with Lois, Clark discovered something that Kryptonians were weakened by: a meteorite from his home planet that fell to earth after it exploded. It had been given to Jonathan by a family friend named Wayne Iriq for safe keeping. It glowed green and seemed to harm him the more he was exposed to it. Afterwards both Jonathan and Martha vowed never to expose their son to it again.

It also altered Clark's biochemistry and made him feel like an ordinary human being.

Clark exposed to Kryptonite

Meanwhile Trask had also come to Smallville to find out more about Superman in hopes of killing him once and for all. He heard about the meteorite and saw it as the perfect weapon against the Man of Steel.

After Clark was kidnapped and interrogated on the whereabouts of Superman, he denied everything. But when Trask kidnapped his parents and threatened to kill them, Clark had no other choice than to reveal his true identity. However the exposure had still made him weak and he was frightened of the handgun Trask was aiming at him, so the agent refused to believe him.

Eventually Clark got his superpowers back thanks to a prototype wristwatch Jimmy had been testing to contact the Man of Steel. He then successfully rescued his parents and faced Trask saying that his obsession with killing Superman ended now and didn't care if the agent would tell everyone his secret.

Unfortunately Trask had managed to steal the meteorite and used it on Clark which weakened him once again. However Clark managed to painfully pick it up and destroy it once and for all. They then fought and Trask was killed. Afterwards Clark and Lois named the substance "Kryptonite". (The Green, Green Glow of Home)

Superman was then blamed for causing a massive winter-time heat wave in Metropolis making people lose their faith in him, including having a small boy throwing his Superman action figure at him. This was revealed to be a scheme by Lex, who was framing the Man of Steel for something he had caused himself from his nuclear power plant. Superman however managed to stop it and his reputation was restored with Lex having to pay for the damages he had caused to the city. (The Man of Steel Bars)

Superman being kissed by Lois

Uncontrollable love then blossomed at the Daily Planet when a chemist named Miranda who specialized in fragrances, sprayed most of the newsroom with her latest perfume with a formula containing pheromones that removed all the sexual inhibition.

Clark was unaffected, but the others acted crazily in love, especially Lois who tried to seduce him and even went to his apartment to do the Dance of the Seven Veils.

Eventually the effects wore off and they found out that Miranda was going to spray a more advanced formula that would cause permanent damage to the city. However Superman managed to stop her and saved Lois who was being lowered into a boiling vat of Toxic Malathion.

He then craftily pretended to under the influence of the pheromones so he could get passionately kissed by Lois, much to Lex's disgust who had now fallen in love with the reporter. (Pheromone, My Lovely)

Superman stopping an asteroid

After an impact with an asteroid from a mission in space as Superman, Clark developed amnesia but with the help of his parents and Lois, he regained his memory back and stopped a fragment of the same asteroid from heading towards Earth. (All Shook Up)

Soon the globe that Clark had taken from Bureau 39, began to view an image of his Kryptonian father telling him that five messages would be revealed to show Clark his true Kryptonian heritage. Clark had always wondered what Krypton had been like, who his parents there were, if everyone there had had superpowers like him and would he die like any other human being. However it was stolen by a scrounging boy named Jack hired by Lex Luthor to retrieve it for him. Jack had been bribed by Lex with money to support him and his brother Denny.

Lex then placed it in a secret room amongst his collection of treasures under the Metropolis museum. When Lex touched it, it began showing more images of his Kryptonian parents that appeared before Clark even though he wasn't holding it.

While trying to find out who bought it, Lois began to question what the globe was and why it was showing a image of someone wearing Superman's S. Clark explained that he took the globe to prevent anyone from prying into Superman's business. Lois however was upset that he kept it from her.

Superman retrieving the globe

Superman eventually found it's location after Lex had set the place to self destruct and fled leaving Jack (whom he had kidnapped to find out where he got the globe from) behind. The globe had also lifted into the air out of Lex's reach before he could see the last message.

Superman then retrieved it and saw the final image of Jor-El and Lara putting him in the spaceship and sending him to Earth while Krypton exploded into pieces. Superman then found Lex's hidden treasures and donated them to the museum. Clark now understood that Jor-El and Lara had saved his life and held them in high regard. Though he and his parents were unsure why they couldn't of saved themselves.

The globe was then kept in Clark's old tree house called the Fortress of Solitude where it would be safe. Clark then helped Jack get a good job at the Daily Planet. Lois also forgave Clark for not telling her as she would of done the same and was happy that Superman had got it back. (Foundling)

Superman meeting his clone

Superman then faced his greatest challenge yet, an exact clone of himself who had his superpowers, an attraction for Lois and even knew his true identity. However unbeknownst to him, the clone had been created by Lex whose sole purpose was to use him to kill the real Man of Steel.

As they fought, Superman tried reasoning with his "brother" saying that helping others was better than just power. They then made peace with each other and the clone realized that he had just been a puppet to follow Lex's bidding and turned against him. The clone took back a lock of Superman's hair that Lex had stolen from someone who had won it at a charity auction and used to clone him and gave it to Superman to destroy as well as himself so no one else would create a clone of him again. Sadly, Superman then took his clone and the lock of hair into the sun to be destroyed. (Vatman)

Sometime later, Clark arranged to take Jack to a movie after taking care of one last thing at the Daily Planet. However while they were there, the building was invaded by mobsters trying to find a hundred million dollars of cash that was buried there. Fuentes and his gang held Clark and Jack as well as Perry, Lois and Lex hostage. Jimmy had managed to slip away to get help but was caught too by the building's own security guard Willie, who had co-operated with Fuentes on the condition that no one would be hurt.

Fuentes held an electronic device that would destroy the building if anyone tried to stop them, so Clark was as helpless as the others and wasn't sure if he could save them.

Clark saving Lex's life

Thanks to Clark using his heat vision to turn on the sprinklers, the blue prints Fuentes was holding were destroyed.

Lex was then shot from trying to stop them and was bleeding heavily, so Clark asked to make a remedy that he had learned from a Bornean medicine man consisting of three tea bags, a cup, an orange and a pack of chewing gum. Lois was reluctant at first to try it, but Clark told her that Lex's life depended on it.

While the others were preparing it, Clark used his heat vision to close up Lex's wound, showing that even though Lex was his enemy, he still valued his life. The others were amazed at how well the remedy worked and Lois thanked Clark for his kindness.

Fuentes then decide to use Lois to access the database on the plans of the building so he could find what he was looking for. However she secretly tried to send and email to call for help, but Fuentes caught on and switched it off while it was being sent, threatening to kill Lois if she tried that stunt again.

Superman capturing Fuentes after he threatens the Daily Planet.

After finding the money, Fuentes then took Lois hostage to ensure that he got away safely to his chopper with the loot while Clark and the others were taken away to be killed by Fuentes' henchwoman Remy. But Clark managed to short circuit the lights and escaped. Meanwhile Fuentes and Lois reached the top of the building and fell onto a window washer's scaffold. During a struggle for the device, Lois fell from the scaffold, but Superman saved her.

Fuentes himself then fell as well, dropping the device in the process. Superman caught him and Lois caught the device. Fuentes and his gang were then taken into custody and the Daily Planet was saved. Willie was pardoned after helping them stop Fuentes and Superman safely disposed of the device. Afterwards Clark agreed to take Jack to a movie for real next time. Lois then went with Lex to the hospital. Clark warned her to be careful as she didn't know Lex like he did. (Fly Hard)

Problems began to arise again when Lex proposed to Lois. Clark continued to warn her that Lex was not what he seemed, but she refused to listen. To drive Lois away from her regular routine that was holding her back from her decision, Lex craftily used force to buy the Daily Planet and then burned it down to collect the insurance, putting everyone out of work.

Superman screaming in frustration when Lois accepts Lex's proposal

Clark decided to tell Lois of his feelings for her, but Lois gently turned him down saying she only cared about him as a friend.

Later Superman visited Lois who asked him if there was ever a chance for them to have a relationship. Superman replied that there were things she didn't know about him and would probably never know.

Lois declared that she would love him even if he was an ordinary man which contradicted what she had said to Clark earlier, so Superman told her in the same way that it wouldn't work and Lois was left heartbroken.

Superman then flew past Lex's office window and saw Lois saying yes to his proposal, causing him to go to the farthest regions of the Atlantic and scream out his frustration at Lois' decision. His screams were so loud that mountains crumbled in the distance. (Barbarians at the Planet)

Afterwards Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack decided to work together to find out what really happened, gain enough evidence to put Lex behind bars and prevent Lois from going through with the wedding. Later Clark received a call one evening from Lois declaring that she missed him. Clark returned the sentiment.

As Clark was still doing his investigating, he was approached by Lois who was driving through the street. Lois persuaded him to attend her wedding but Clark said he couldn't as he knew how dangerous Lex was. Lois told him that his attitude was driving them further and further apart.

Clark then retorted that she was doing the driving because of her stubbornness of believing Lex to be good. He then told her what he had found out about Lex buying the Daily Planet and that it seemed strange that he hadn't rebuilt it with the insurance. Lois was the investigative reporter so she should investigate.

Superman being tortured by Lex

While the evidence was all coming together, Clark received a call from Mrs. Cox, Lex's personal assistant to contact Superman and ask him to visit Lex for a chat so he went off to Lex's tower and met his arch-enemy in the wine cellar.

Lex asked Superman to persuade Clark to attend his wedding to Lois with him being invited too. The Man of Steel replied that Lex was living in a fantasy world if he believed that Clark or himself would support his marriage after all the destruction he had caused in Metropolis, so Lex trapped him in a cage with it's bars made of Kryptonite.

Two days later, Lex went inside to taunt him, placing a cummerbund on his neck and carelessly leaving the key on one of the wine caskets. After Lex left to attend to his wedding, Superman painfully tried to get the key with the cummerbund and succeeded. He then hid amongst the wine caskets to regain his strength.

While all this was happening, Lois had changed her mind about marrying Lex and afterwards Perry, Jimmy and Jack came in with the police to arrest the tycoon, but Lex overpowered the officers and escaped. He rushed down to the wine cellar and saw the now empty cage, he then rushed off, unaware that Superman was still amongst the caskets regaining his strength. Superman left the building once again as Clark Kent. Lois and the others saw him and she hugged him as a way of apologizing for not listening to him.

Clark with Lois watching Lex committing suicide

Meanwhile, Lex had committed suicide by jumping off his building to avoid capture, but Clark was still badly weakened by the Kryptonite exposure and couldn't save him. There was nothing he could do except hug Lois and close his eyes tight as Lex plummeted to the ground below.

The Daily Planet was later bought and rebuilt by a generous benefactor and things were back to normal. Clark told Lois that he had only said he loved her to keep Lex away from her (even though this was untrue but he didn't want to jeopardize their friendship) and continued to protect and help the community as Superman. (The House of Luthor)

Season 2

Lex may have been gone, but several evil forces still threatened Metropolis such as Lex's vengeful ex-wife Arianna Carlin, Lois' arch-nemesis The Prankster and a Kryptonite powered cyborg named Metallo. (Madame Ex), (The Prankster), (Return of the Prankster), (Metallo)

Clark with his Kerth Award

Clark got nominated for a Journalist award at the Kerth awards ceremony, much to his surprise. Lois was none too pleased as she had been nominated and won the award three years in a row and felt jealous as well as "stunned, shocked and in need of oxygen" that she had lost it to Clark.

Clark didn't like how sulky Lois was behaving as she felt he hadn't deserved it as much as her. However she soon realized how petty and selfish she was acting and that one person's success in the Daily Planet was everyone's. After stopping a madman named Lenny Stoke who was threatening Metropolis with deadly sound waves, Clark went to the ceremony with Lois as his date and was pleased when he actually won the award that Lois was happy for her partner. (Wall of Sound)

During an investigation involving a new criminal organization named Intergang, Clark and Lois met assistant district attorney Mayson Drake who adored Clark, but showed no affection for his costumed alter-ego as she saw Superman as just a costumed vigilante.

Clark and Mayson

She then visited Clark at his apartment to discuss evidence involving the case and they ended up kissing much to Lois' disgust who had seen through the door window and had come to visit Clark also. Clark promised Lois that it would not effect their friendship or work at the Daily Planet.

Clark was stuck in an awkward situation as now he had two women who had affections for him. Lois liked him but loved him for his costumed identity. Mayson loved him for his real identity but hated his costumed identity. (Church of Metropolis)

As if things in Metropolis were not already strange, revived 1930s gangsters led by Al Capone arrived to terrorize the city. After doing some research, they found out that a scientist named Dr. Emil Hamilton was performing experiments with DNA and had been getting samples from the grave sites of these gangsters which meant that he could of revived them.

They later got some information from a source by the name of Bobby Bigmouth whom Lois disliked as he was always leeching off delicious food from them that she herself wanted to eat. He told them that Hamilton had indeed brought these gangsters back to life and Capone was now bribing important people to work for him, including in a night club that Clark and Lois decided to investigate.

Clark pretending to be dead after being shot by Clyde

However while they were there, Capone arrived declaring himself the new owner. One the gang members John Dillinger began harassing Lois and when Clark came to her defense, another trigger happy gangster named Clyde Barrow shot him. With no other choice, Clark had to pretend he was dead or everyone would of known his true identity. This greatly upset Lois and the rest of his friends who believed that his death was real.

However after interrogating Dillinger to find out Capone's whereabouts and reading notes of revival by Dr. Hamilton, Clark found a way to get his life back.

Superman then went to the Daily Planet to see Lois where Jimmy was sadly clearing Clark's desk. Jimmy told him Lois wasn't answering her pager, so Superman told him to keep paging her so he could find out her whereabouts. Using his super hearing, he found Lois with Dr. Hamilton up to their necks in cement. He pulled them out and then quickly flew away, telling them that there was something he had to do.

Clark happily reunited with Lois

Clark then returned and walked over to a overjoyed Lois who hugged him as if she wouldn't let go. Lois was astonished at how Clark was alive and asked how it could be possible.

Clark explained that Superman had found him after Capone's gang had dumped his body, froze him with his super breath to preserve his tissue and then took him to Dr. Hamilton's lab where he followed the procedures in his manuscript. So Clark had not sustained any permanent damage.

Lois then told Clark about Capone's plan of killing everyone at the Daily Planet's 200th Anniversary party. Clark told Lois to go on ahead to the building and he would meet her there, but Lois was determined not to lose Clark again and made him go with her.

Meanwhile Dr. Hamilton went back to his lab where he burned his lab and destroyed his research.

Superman capturing Capone

They finally reached the building and while Lois phoned the police, Clark changed into Superman and used his super speed to catch all the bullets that were being fired at Perry, Jimmy and the others in the building. He then used his heat vision to disarm the gangsters. He caught Capone who was trying to escape while Lois, Perry, Jimmy and the others subdued the rest.

After Capone and his gang were taken into custody, Clark then went back to the Planet where he surprised both Perry and Jimmy by his return. Jimmy gave Clark a joyful hug and Perry asked how this was possible.

Clark explained his story again to them as they were leaving the building. After Perry left to take Jimmy home, Dr. Hamilton came back and explained what he had done, realizing that playing around with life and death was best left to nature. He was then taken away to be questioned by the police. Lois asked if any charges would be pressed against the scientist, but the detective assured them that he would be fine.

Lois then drove Clark home and began to mention her true feelings for him, but Clark had fallen asleep so he didn't hear her. (That Old Gang of Mine)

Superman accidentally transferring some of his powers to Waldecker during a storm

Clark then made a fatal discovery of his powers being transferable by lightning when he met a man named William Wallace Webster Waldecker who was attempting to commit suicide during a storm. Waldecker then became a brash and self-centered superhero named Resplendent Man who was charging money for the people he was helping and abusing his newly gained powers.

To make matters worse, Lex's former physician Dr. Gretchen Kelly who had stolen Lex's body after his suicidal death and was hoping to bring him back to life, knew about this information and was determined to get those powers for herself.

She developed a machine that imitated the same lightning that had struck the Man of Steel and Waldecker that night. She then forced Waldecker to help her who by now was regretful for abusing his own powers as it had put both his sister Wandamae and Lois in danger who were being held in cage with a button combination and motion sensitive bars that would give off an electromagnetic pulse at the slightest touch.

Superman gaining his powers back from Gretchen and Resplendent Man

After several tests, she finally managed to gain powers herself. Superman arrived and was informed by Lois that he could reverse the process. But Gretchen proved to be a dangerous foe and easily fought him as he was too much of a gentleman to strike a woman.

However with the help of Waldecker, they subdued Gretchen and foiled her scheme, transferring Superman's powers back to it's rightful owner.

In retaliation Gretchen decided to kill Lois and Wandamae herself by activating the electromagnetic pulse by remote control but they were freed from the cage when Lois found out that the combination was the date of her and Lex's wedding. However Gretchen managed to escape, taking Lex's frozen corpse with her.

Clark admired Waldecker's courage for helping them stop Gretchen and told him even when he had to give something up, that was what being a hero was all about. (A Bolt from the Blue)

Clark with Jimmy affected by the Atomic Space Rat
"Lois is in trouble! Lois is in trouble!"

During Christmas, Clark found out that Lois wasn't too fond of the season because of the way it was constantly advertised and tried to make her see what Christmas was really all about. He also decided to start a charity for an orphan's home where toy stores would donate toys to the kids.

But it didn't turn out to be the season to be jolly when a fired, revenge seeking toy maker named Winslow Schott and his assistant Ms. Duffy manufactured a new toy called "Atomic Space Rat" that sprayed a substance that made children act greedy, but with adults, it made them act like greedy children.

When some of them were taken to the Daily Planet, even Clark was affected by the substance and along with Lois, Jimmy and Perry, he began acting like a crazy greedy child himself.

Eventually the effects wore off and they found Schott was now full of regret and shame when he realized that children still meant a lot to him and had seen Ms. Duffy donating his old toys to the orphans which one of them Danielle had liked. He then told Superman to stop the substance from affecting the city's water supply.

Clark and Lois enjoying Christmas together

After making the toy donations with the help of Lois, Perry and Jimmy, Superman allowed Schott and Ms. Duffy to stay behind for a Christmas celebration with the orphans before they were taken into custody.

Clark then decided to cancel his plans of spending Christmas with his parents to be with Lois. He gave her a present of a beautiful star to go on the top of her new Christmas tree that he claimed had come from the very starry sky itself. They then watched carolers singing outside and began to enjoy a wonderful Christmas together. (Season's Greedings)

More trouble arose when a device in the shape of a silver ball point pen ended up in Lois' apartment. It was device that transmitted information to someone's brain through a beam of light. The creator Dr. Neil Faraday used it on Lois before he was killed. Evil eye specialist Dr. Harry Leit and his henchman Munch were determined to find the device that had ended up on Clark's desk at the Daily Planet, having mistaken it for an ordinary pen.

Superman blinded by Dr. Leit

During this time, Mayson asked him to go on a weekend away with her in the mountains. While he was thinking it over and protecting Lois from a kidnap attempted by Leit at Metropolitan park, the evil scientist shot a ultra violet purple ray in his face which blinded him. Unable to do anything, Superman stayed at Lois' apartment until they could find a way to restore his sight.

Jonathan and Martha came to visit their blind son and give him support. Superman felt even more helpless than being exposed to Kryptonite as he couldn't help people if he couldn't even see how he could help.

Lois was then captured by Leit who once again wanted to know where the device was.

After getting some information from Mayson on Faraday's device, Superman suddenly realized where it was and regardless of his blindness, set off to the Daily Planet to retrieve it.

He arrived there before Leit and Munch arrived with Lois and retrieved the device. Leit ordered the Man of Steel to give it to him or Lois would die. However, Lois managed to give Superman the antidote of a red ultra violet ray for his blindness and the Man of Steel destroyed Faraday's device for good, blinding Leit and Munch themselves in the process.

Things went back to normal but everyone was curious about where Clark had been all this time because he hadn't gone to the mountains with Mayson. (The Eyes Have It)

Superman saving Lois from a now revived Lex Luthor

Clark finally plucked up his courage to ask Lois on a date, but they ended up having an "almost first date" when it was revealed that Gretchen had succeeded in bringing Lex back from the dead.

Lex was determined to regain what he had lost before his death; his relationship with Lois and the destruction of Superman. He kidnapped Lois and managed to get his hands on a piece of Kryptonite that he would use to kill the Man of Steel.

But Superman foiled his plot and stopped him from committing suicide again, sending him to prison. (The Phoenix)

Clark then had problems with Top Copy news reporter and assassin Diana Stride who found out his true identity and wanted to use it as a story to expose to the whole world.

She also infected him with Kryptonite in his bloodstream. But with the help of Lois, his parents and a holographic projector, Superman cured himself and foiled her plans, resulting in her story being seen as a hoax. Diana and her cameraman Rolf were then arrested. (Top Copy)

Clark's first date with Lois

While Clark and Lois were discussing on finally going out on a date, Jimmy was framed for the murder of an executive that lead to items being sold by a man named Lucky Leon who duped Superman into stealing nuclear warheads for him.

Clark and Lois eventually had their first date and had a great time, but Lois was afraid of where it would be going and slammed the door in Clark's face when he dropped her back at her apartment

Mayson who was working on the the Lucky Leon case as well, decided to admit her full feelings for Clark during a lunch date and told him that she knew he was hiding something and whatever it was she could handle it. Clark was then called away from a phone call from Lois before a sad Mayson could tell Clark that she loved him.

Eventually Jimmy was cleared, Lucky Leon and his men were eventually arrested and the nuclear warheads were returned to where they belonged. While they were on their way to give Mayson their statement, Lois apologized to Clark for slamming the door in his face. They then decided to take things as they came and shared their first real passionate kiss.

Clark witnessing Mayson's murder

However Clark suddenly heard the beeping of the timer of a bomb coming from Mayson's car. Mayson had grown tired of waiting for Clark and Lois and was about to drive home. Clark rushed to save her, but he was too late as he arrived just as the bomb went off with Mayson inside.

He dragged the bruised and battered Mayson out. The attorney then noticed Clark's Superman costume underneath his tattered clothing, finally realizing what Clark had been hiding all this time and she had been loving the same person all along. With her last breath she whispered in Clark's ear the word "Resurrection," before dying in Clark's arms. (Lucky Leon)

After Mayson's funeral, Clark and Lois decided to solve the case of Mayson's murder and the last word she had said to Clark before she died.

They met DEA agent Dan Scardino who was also investigating the murder. Clark disliked him because of his callous, obnoxious attitude and the way he was developing an infatuation for Lois. Lois however appreciated him helping them.

Superman stopping Gables' virus

It lead them to an investigation involving a bitter former scientist from S.T.A.R. labs named Stanley Gables who was seeking revenge after being infected by a virus that was eating away at his body.

He had developed a pill called "Resurrection" that made people look dead for few hours and then they woke up perfectly fine. He was using it on criminals and Mayson had been onto him, so he had planned her demise.

Superman then stopped the insane Gables from releasing a deadly virus over the city by freezing it into ice and hurling it into space. He then captured Gables, bringing Mayson's killer to justice. Meanwhile Lois, Scardino and Gables' former employee Mallory who had been horrified by his boss' ambitions caught the escaping criminals.

However complications arose afterwards when Scardino started openly asking Lois out in front of Clark, making him a rival for her affections. (Resurrection)

During Perry's birthday party, he and Lois received an unexpected visit from famous science fiction writer H.G. Wells who was a time traveler who knew his true identity and needed his help. An even greater threat had arisen in the form of Tempus, a criminal from a peaceful Utopian future in the 22nd century where Superman and Lois were held in high regard. Tempus truly hated his future as it had been made in his own words; "a world so boring you'd blow your brains out but there are no guns."

Clark and Lois time traveling to 1966

Worst of all, he too knew Superman's true identity. Tempus had traveled through time with Wells to the present and decided to kill the Man of Steel as a baby in the year 1966 in Smallville at the precise date that Superman came to Earth to prevent the Utopian future from existing.

Wells left instructions for Clark and Lois to build another time machine to help him and the two reporters traveled back to 1966 to find to their joy that it actually worked.

However they soon found out that Tempus and Wells were in 1866 because Wells had purposely changed the date. They arrived there and while Clark was saving his great great grandparents Miss Martha and Marshal Kent from being gunned down by the legendary Jesse James and his brother Frank, Lois (thanks to Tempus) found out Clark's true identity which put him in a very awkward position, especially after Lois gave him an unexpected slap; "Don't pretend that hurt, Superman!"

Clark facing an angry Lois after she finds out his true identity

By the time they arrived in 1966, Lois was furious with Clark for keeping this from her, but he tried to explain the reasons. He had wanted to live a normal life like any other human being but he would never of been able to if everyone knew his secret. He would be constantly mobbed by people to help them, even with problems they could solve on their own and also his enemies would find out and use people like her whom he cared about to get to him.

Clark and Lois then visited his parents and found out that Tempus and Wells had found his infant self in Shuster's field where his parents were meant to find him and had set off to a place called Rocky Cove in the woods. They set off to find them.

Lois began to understand Clark's need to keep his secret and forgave him. Suddenly they noticed Clark beginning to disappear. Tempus had placed shards of Kryptonite around the baby in an attempt to kill him.

Tempus defeated by Clark and Lois

Clark and Lois managed to defeat Tempus and Clark returned to normal. After proudly showing his spinning transformation of Superman to Lois, he then took his younger self back to Shuster's field where Jonathan and Martha would find him and watched happily behind a tree as his parents looked at the baby with great joy.

Tempus was tied up in the seat of the time machine about to be taken away by Wells where he would cause no more trouble. Before the machine disappeared, Tempus asked Superman why he wore his costume and if he ever felt ridiculous. Superman answered angrily and proudly; "My mother made it for me."

Wells then sent Tempus back to 1866 to be imprisoned in an insane asylum as a punishment. After they left, Superman and Lois shared a passionate kiss of victory. Lois told Clark that things would be different now that she knew the truth but Wells took back Clark and Lois to the exact moment before Wells met them with no memory of the previous events as he felt that history had been tampered with enough.

Lois made a note on the envelope of Perry's birthday card to make sure she didn't forget Clark's identity. However Clark saw it and made sure it was destroyed as he was still finding the right time to tell Lois the truth. (Tempus Fugitive)

Clark hearing someone calling for help when he is with Lois

Clark began to find his life complicated being Clark and Superman, especially in his relationship with Lois. Scardino began making more visits to Lois which made Clark extremely uncomfortable.

To make matters worse, whenever Clark had some time alone with her, someone was always calling for help, leaving him with no other choice but to rush off and give Lois an extremely poor excuse for doing so.

In the meantime, Lois was tired of Clark always disappearing and after spurning Scardino so many times, actually started dating him, much to Clark's annoyance. (Target: Jimmy Olsen!)

Superman then later discovered a red variety of Kryptonite that had been found by Intergang which made him apathetic, but with Lois' help he was able to overcome it.

Later Clark told Lois that he wouldn't stop her from dating Scardino as it was her choice but he was upset that she was dating someone else when they were meant to be going steady. Touched by this, Lois gave Clark another chance and they started dating again. (Individual Responsibility)

Clark and Lois deciding to take the next step in their relationship.

More problems then arose for Clark when his alter-ego ended up in a lawsuit from someone he had saved, suing him for injuries and Lois who had finally had enough of Clark's disappearing, broke up with him. Clark decided he couldn't hurt or lie to Lois anymore, so he packed his things and made up his mind to move out of Metropolis.

After Superman won the case in court, Lois came up to him and said that she only wanted to be friends and that there was someone else who she truly loved. Clark then went back to his apartment, still deciding on what to do.

Lois arrived and told him that she told Superman that she wanted to be just friends and wasn't seeing Scardino anymore. She was shocked by all the packing at first but they both decided to overcome the problems of them being partners and best friends and take the next step in their relationship. Clark then decided it was time to tell Lois the truth about his identity. (Whine, Whine, Whine)

Unfortunately a criminal named Jason Mayzik had found a diary that had been written by Tempus that exposed his true identity and blackmailed Clark into stealing diamonds for him. When Clark refused saying he'd rather tell the world his secret than steal for him, he captured his parents threatening to kill them if he didn't obey. So Clark now had no choice and using his superpowers, he infiltrated the jewelry store and took the diamonds. But even after that, Mayzik still refused to let his parents go.

Clark blackmailed by Jason Mayzik

Meanwhile Lois, tired of Clark hiding things from her, had followed him to the jewelry store and confronted him about the robbery. Clark told Lois about the kidnapping of his parents and she decided to help him. Clark then ran his hand through Lois' hair in a loving embrace.

After much investigating, they discovered Mayzik as the one behind all the blackmail and that he was also working with Lex's former prestige Nigel St. John. After some persuasion from Nigel, Mayzik then asked Clark to kill Lois in thirty minutes or his parents would die.

Lois decided to have Superman freeze her so she could be left in suspended animation and help Clark save his parents. Superman was hesitant to do so as the side effects could mean instant death for Lois but he was so touched by her bravery and love for him that he agreed. Just before he froze her, he asked her to close her eyes and then ran his hand through her hair in a loving embrace as he had done before as if to tell Lois who he really was.

He delivered Lois' body to Mayzik and Nigel who then used Kryptonite on him and left him in a cell filled with deadly gas with his parents. Fortunately they were able to dispose of the Kryptonite and get out of the cell. They then saw that Mayzik had now killed Nigel and escaped.

Clark proposing to Lois

Superman then used his heat vision to thaw Lois out and managed to get her back into consciousness. Later he confronted Mayzik, destroyed the diary and took him to prison.

After Lois recovered, Clark took her through a walk in the Metropolitan park. They stopped at a fountain and told her how glad he was that she was alive, how much he loved her, and apologized for constantly pushing her away. He then admitted that if she had died without ever knowing the reason why, he would never of forgiven himself.

Suddenly it began to rain, but it didn't stop Clark from taking out an engagement ring, going on one knee and asking Lois to marry him. (And the Answer Is...)

Season 3

Afterwards Lois asked him: "Who's asking? Clark or Superman?" They found some shelter from the rain and Lois told Clark how she knew the truth: during the moment of when she was about to be frozen, Superman had ran his hand through her hair in the same embrace as Clark had done earlier.

Lois was angry at Clark for lying to her and told him that she wasn't ready for this next step until she fully knew who he was. This eventually lead to a falling out, resulting in Clark tossing the ring into space before changing his mind and retrieving it.

Superman taking Lois to a special place

Jonathan then paid Clark a visit for a heart to heart talk. He explained that Lois rejecting Clark's proposal was natural and told him that Martha turned down his proposal several times before she finally accepted.

Jonathan assured his son that things would work out and that Lois may be a handful but she was too precious of a woman to let go of.

Sometime afterwards Lois helped Clark disarm a bomb that only went off if he went near it. They then made up and he took Lois to a very special place high above the clouds and told her that he was prepared to give Lois time to think his proposal over.

Lois, having understood after a visit from Martha of how alone Clark had always felt because of being different, told him that he didn't have to be alone anymore. (We Have a Lot to Talk About)

Clark then began to be more protective of Lois and wondered if they should ever be together. He started feeling like the closer he and Lois were getting, the more danger Lois was being put into because from the all the years he had known her, Lois always seemed to be right in the centre of trouble.

He told Lois how he felt, but she assured him that it would work out and her being in danger came with the territory of being a great reporter. However when a scheme involving hallucinations left Lois critically injured, Clark blamed himself and ended his relationship with a heartbroken Lois. (Contact)

They continued their partnership at the Daily Planet with Lois using an old flame to make Clark jealous, but he was using her too for some deranged druid sacrifice. Fortunately Clark stopped him and Lois was saved. During an assignment at a love facility where a mad man was acting like Noah, they got back together. (When Irish Eyes Are Killing), (Just Say Noah)

Superman with Ultra Woman

Clark had another problem when two sisters Lucille and Nell Newtrich zapped him with a red Kryptonite laser which transferred his powers to Lois. She became Ultra Woman and went around saving lives and helping people in the same way as Superman.

Clark meanwhile was not having a fun time being human. He now had to do things that he had never had to do before when he had his powers such as shaving and was bleeding and feeling pain as anyone else.

He also found out with Jimmy that Perry's wife Alice had left him, putting the editor in a very bad mood, though Clark vowed to do all he could to help him get through it.

He was later captured by the sisters who had found out about the transference and used as bait to lure Ultra Woman to them so that they could gain the super powers for themselves. But Clark managed to escape.

Lois was having tough time too as she had arrived a few seconds too late to stop a mudslide in Brazil. Clark told her after she had told him how upset she was about it, that no matter how strong and fast you were, it sometimes wasn't enough, you couldn't possibly save everyone.

Soon the sisters managed to trick Lois into transferring her powers to Lucille and they set about with their goal to steal a $20 million shipment of cash. However Superman and Ultra Woman worked together to stop the sisters and the Man of Steel got his powers back.

Having super powers for a while had given Lois an understanding of how hard it was for Clark to be Superman and rush off to save the day all the time, so she took him to the same place where he had previously proposed to her and did the same with Clark accepting. (Ultra Woman)

While making their wedding plans, Clark was shocked when a woman named Leigh-Anne Stipanovic was telling the public on national television that she had Superman's love child Jesse who surprisingly had superpowers just like him. This story began giving Superman unwanted attention from the press and Lois questioned Clark if this was true, but Clark assured her it was all a lie.

Superman and Jesse then went to S.T.A.R. labs for lead scientist Dr. Klein to do a DNA test on them to seek the truth and also quell the attention of the press.

However the love child story had also attracted the unwanted attention of a dangerous criminal known only as Anonymous, a ingenious master of disguise who kidnapped Jesse to help him activate a nuclear missile.

Superman with Jesse

After some investigating, they found out that Leigh-Anne and her son were involved in a plane crash during a storm. Superman had been hit by lightning which transferred some of his powers in the same way as Waldecker to Jesse who was sitting near the left wing which was the closest to where Superman had been at the time. Later, they learned from Dr. Klein that Jesse's superpowers were fading and he would soon be returning to normal.

Clark and Lois then confronted Leigh-Anne on what they had found out. After Jesse's kidnapping, she was now full of guilt and shame at how much trouble this lie had caused and was afraid that if Superman pressed charges, she would have Jesse taken way from her. Clark assured her that Superman would not do it as he thought that she has learned her lesson and had only done it for the love and well-being of her son.

Superman managed to stop the missile, captured Anonymous and rescued Jesse. Later Leigh-Anne and Jesse said goodbye to Clark and Lois and thanked Superman for saving Jesse. Leigh-Anne enrolled herself in beauty parlor school and Jesse was returning to Kindergarten. Clark promised Jesse that Superman would come occasionally to pay him a visit. (Chip Off the Old Clark)

More threats then came to Metropolis, including revived World War II Nazis and Lex Luthor's son Jaxon Xavier who tried to use to Lois to gain access codes to his father's mind control programme, but was foiled thanks to the intervention of Superman, Lois and Jimmy. (Super Mann), (Virtually Destroyed)

During Christmas while he and Lois were dealing with invited Lois' disagreeable parents to a family get together with Clark's parents, Clark was infected by a deadly Kryptonian virus from Intergang and only an exposure to Kryptonite saved him. Afterwards they tried to enjoy Christmas despite the setbacks as Clark said that them being all together was what mattered.  (Home Is Where the Hurt Is)

Clark also had trouble with a revenge seeking magician named Baron Sunday who tortured him with a disturbing vision. However he realized that he was actually seeing his Kryptonian parents placing him in the spaceship that would send him to Earth. He captured Sunday, but the crafty magician transformed himself into a snake and escaped. (Never on Sunday)

Clark unknowing marrying a clone of Lois

They finally agreed to have their wedding on Valentine's day, but the biggest threat of all was Lex himself who was sending Lois threatening gifts and then escaped from prison thanks to a pardon written for him by a clone of the President. Unbeknownst to Clark, he had captured the real Lois and replaced her with another clone just before their wedding. (I Now Pronounce You...)

Clark soon found out after Lois was behaving out of character and after x-raying her ankle, saw no scar on the bone that the real Lois had got from a skiing holiday.

Lex arrived at Clark's apartment with Clark furious about what he had done and more than willing to literally kill him himself. Lex explained that the clone wanted Clark for herself and was going to kill the real Lois Lane.

Clark angrily vowing to get Lois back from Lex

Lois meanwhile had hit her head after escaping from Lex and thought she was a character named Wanda Detroit, a singer at a club in a novel she had previously written.

After agreeing that they both had similar feelings for Lois, Lex asked Clark to help him get Lois back, but before Clark could agree, Jimmy came to his apartment with the whereabouts of Lois.

Clark tracked Lois to the bar after Lex had fled after finding out the information and unfortunately, he got to her first. Lex tried to drive away with her, but Clark caught up with them and as Superman stopped it with his super strength. He dragged Lex out, furious at his betrayal and prepared to take Lois back home.

However unknown to Clark, Lex had tricked Lois into believing that he was Kent and Clark was the other Clark in her novel. He made her stage an act to tell Clark that she didn't love him or want to see him anymore, but Clark wasn't going to take this lying down and angrily vowed to Lex that he would get Lois back, even if he had to go right through him to do it, before letting them drive off. (Double Jeopardy)

Superman being told by Lex that people will die if he takes Lois from him

Angry that he had just willingly let Lois go with Lex, Superman continued to search for her without much success. After hearing a ultra frequency message from Lex, he found him at the corner of Kirby and Steranko. Lex had set up fifteen explosives in certain areas of Metropolis and threatened to cause chaos on the city if Superman took Lois from him. He blew up an abandoned building to distract the Man of Steel while he tried to get the clone while she was on her way to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Still trying to investigate the whereabouts of Lois, Clark and the clone went to the bank to retrieve some money that belonged to Lex which only him and Lois could open due to the vault identifier. Lex then arrived with a stun light bomb and set up a phoney distress call for Superman while he captured the clone.

Later at Clark's apartment, the clone explained that she had told Lex his true identity so she could live longer before he let her go. Clark was shocked but knew the clone had been scared so he forgave her.

Clark weakened after being blasted by the Disruptor

Lex suddenly appeared and blasted Clark with a weapon far more dangerous than Kryptonite called the A-Tech Quantum Disruptor that severely weakened him. Lex snarled that now he knew who Clark really was, he would tell every other villain the same, give them the design of his weapon and the address of his parents so the Man of Steel would constantly be hounded and forced into hiding.

He then took Martha hostage and went back to his hideout, knowing Superman's strength would return. A weakened Clark told the clone to follow Lex and call him when she found him.

Superman finally found Lex with Lois who were about to transfer their minds into cloned bodies that had been stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs. Lex told Lois to kill the Man of Steel, but instead she fired the weapon at one of columns supporting the ceiling. Superman tried to hold it up, but it was too weakened by the impact of the blast and the whole place would collapse. Lex grabbed the disruptor from the hesitant Lois and blasted Superman again. Lois tried to stop him, but the deranged villain shoved her to one side and aimed at him again.

Superman saving Lois from Lex after fighting him one last time.

Suddenly the clone appeared and wrestled Lex who was in the middle of firing the weapon resulting in them both being caught in the blast. Before dying, the clone told Superman where Martha was being kept. Though on the verge of death as well, Lex refused to give Lois up, but the Man of Steel said that if he truly loved her, he would let her live. After hearing this, Lex let her go before finally succumbing to his injuries.

Superman managed to get Lois to safety and rescued Martha, but a falling chunk of rock had hit Lois on the head making her lose her memory even more. (Seconds)

She was taken to hospital with Lois knowing who she was, but not knowing Clark. Lois was then taken to an institute run by Dr. Maxwell Deter who secretly wanted Lois for himself. She gradually started regaining her memory, but a power boost from a scientist's mind controlling invention gave her back her memory completely. Lois then left Dr. Deter and the institute and Superman put the engagement ring on her finger once again. (Forget Me Not), (Oedipus Wrecks)

Superman shrunk
"I look like Mighty Mouse!"

Later Clark ran afoul of a shrinking plot and separation of married couples caused by one of Lois' former classmates Annette Westman, who wanted revenge for being ill-treated in high school. The process took slower than the other victims due to his cell structure, but he was still gradually shrinking making him unsure of having a future relationship with Lois.

Clark then overheard Lois talking with Dr. Klein about Annette's connection and warned her to stay away from the situation, but Lois as usual, disobeyed.

He then flew to Annette's department and saved her from being shot and then shrunk by Annette who then after Superman bumped into her with her couch, poured the formula on herself causing her to shrink away to nothing. The other people were rescued and everyone was restored to normal. (It's a Small World After All)

Superman leaving Earth

Clark's new found happiness took a turn after two Kryptonians, Ching and Zara tested him and then said that he was in line for ruling a planet called New Krypton, a place inherited by the surviving Kryptonians and had been married to Zara from birth. Clark was then told that Lord Nor, an evil Kryptonian soldier would rule their planet and cause great suffering to the people of Earth as well after sending an evil assassin called Tez to destroy the Man of Steel.

Tez was defeated but Nor told him that he wasn't finished with him yet. Clark then made a heartbreaking decision to leave Earth and rule New Krypton to ensure the safety of both worlds. After saying some emotion goodbyes to Lois, his parents and the rest of the city, Superman flew away with Ching and Zara to their spaceship wearing Lois' engagement ring on a chain around his neck to remember her by, vowing that one day he would return to her. (Through a Glass, Darkly), (Big Girls Don't Fly)

Season 4

Clark, Ching and Zara reaching a Kryptonian floating palace

Clark, Zara and Ching reached a floating palace where many of the Kryptonians were waiting for them. When the doors opened, Clark was surprised to find them all bowing down to him and even more astonished when Zara told him that they would have to consummate their marriage.

Meanwhile Lord Nor, after finding out about how Kal-El got his powers by the Earth's yellow sun evaded the planet and took over Smallville and took the people including Clark's parents as hostages turning them into slaves. Nor had even placed an indestructible force field around the town.

Eventually Clark was able to see Lois again and together they decided to help the Kryptonians fight Nor and bring peace to both their worlds. Thanks to the transportation used from the floating palace, Clark and Lois entered Smallville in disguise and after Clark's parents were threatened to be killed unless he showed up, Clark revealed himself with Nor expressing his hatred and jealousy of him and how he could of been on the throne if it hadn't been for him. (Lord of the Flys)

Nor then charged Clark with treason for abandoning his people and taking the rightful position away from him. In front of the Kryptonian council, Clark and Zara were being questioned with Nor giving hidden footage of Lois and Clark kissing and his and Zara's personal conversations to strengthen his case. The penalty for these crimes was interrogation and as the process was taking place, Ching discovered that the trial could be settled by a duel between Clark and Nor which the council had failed to give him.

Superman battling Lord Nor

Clark was freed and later dressed as Superman, challenged Nor on the streets in front of the Daily Planet. Nor seemed to be winning until Lois came out to warn him that Kryptonite gas used by the corrupt Colonel Cash, would be fired, killing them both. Eventually Superman overpowered Nor and knocked him unconscious. Some of Nor's followers appeared just as the gas was fired, making them absorb most of it, killing them all, but not Superman who was just unconscious and wasn't as close to the gas exposure. Cash was then arrested.

Later Clark decided to stay on Earth and for Zara and Ching to be the rulers of New Krypton. Zara and Ching express their gratitude for their help and the four parted ways.

Back on Earth, Clark held out the engagement ring to Lois and asked her once again to marry him and not let anything stand in their way this time. She agreed and the plans for the wedding began once again. (Battleground Earth)

As preparations began, Clark and Lois found out that Myrtle Beech known as the Wedding Destroyer had broken out of prison and wanted revenge on them for her imprisonment.

Investigations led them to a news reporter named Nunk who kept on following them and leaking information to her and her psychiatrist Voyle Grumman, who had been using Myrtle ever since she lost her hubby three years ago as her anger and depression were perfect for studying who later killed Nunk.

Deciding to go ahead with the wedding despite the dangers, Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry, the Kents and the Lanes met at the church for the rehearsal.

However unknown to them, Myrtle had switched Lois' wedding ring for one that had a electrical charge powerful enough to kill. She burst into the church and activated the weapon, saying that the remote that she was using had a 200 mile radius so if anyone followed her, she would press the control again, killing Lois.

Clark and Lois' Wedding day

Clark and Lois told her the truth of losing her fiancee and how Grumman had been lying to her the whole time, turning her into a monster. They had found a paper that Grummin had written revealing his true sick-minded intentions. Clark promised Myrtle that they would get her the help she needed and the tearful woman surrendered and was arrested along with Grummin.

Later Clark and Lois eventually got married on October 6, 1996 in a beautiful garden at sunset by Mike, a guardian angel who had been watching over them all along. Their friends and family were there too and Clark and Lois exchanged their vows:

"Lois, I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I love your humor, your passion, the way you just dive right in, even when you shouldn't. Because you refuse to just watch the world. You demand that it be a better place and because of you, it is. And today, I want to give you as much of the world as I can. So I give you my heart, my soul, our future!"
—Clark's vows
"Clark, you're my best friend. Until I met you I never had a best friend and falling in love with you has been so easy, I don't know why I fought it so long. You have such gentle grace and such quiet strength and mostly such incredible kindness. I've never known anyone with as pure a heart. And today, I give you my love and my honor and our life together!"
—Lois' vows

Afterwards they finally became husband and wife. (Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding)

On their wedding night, they got a unexpected visit from H.G. Wells, who said that a terrible curse had been created by Tempus resulting in Lois dying from a illness if they consummated their marriage, eventually they traveled back in time, stopped Tempus and the curse was lifted. (Soul Mates)

Clark and Lois in their new home

While looking into a case on the youth being stolen from people by Dr. Vita Deutsen, Clark found out from Lois that his Kryptonian molecular structure slowed the ageing process so he would continue looking young while she became old. Lois had been greatly upset by this, but he assured her that even if it was true, it would never change how he felt about her.

Later when Jimmy became a victim of the stealing of youth and had only a few hours left to live, Superman used the years he had to restore Jimmy to normal. Dr. Deutsen and her accomplice Conner Shenk were imprisoned and Clark bought Deutsen's house for him and his wife to move into. (Brutal Youth)

Other problems fell on the couple including Lois being framed for murder by Jefferson Cole, a revenge driven assassin named Deathstroke and the ghost of a dead former resident. (The People vs. Lois Lane), (Dead Lois Walking), (Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark), (Ghosts)

Clark and Lois' marriage is strained due to Lois' promotion

Eventually Lois got promoted to be the new editor in chief of the Daily Planet when Perry got promoted in the higher office. Problems began to arise when Lois was swamped with work and under a lot of pressure, making her kill Clark's original story that they had been previously working on together due to lack of facts and partnering him with annoying reporter Ralph Jarvis on a bogus Mayor story which resulted in their first fight. They didn't speak to each other after that.

Jonathan then came to visit Clark with some donuts and told him of his and Martha's first fight. Clark told his father that he felt ashamed of fighting with Lois, but he didn't want to let go of his gut instincts, especially when it came to finding good stories. Ever since Lois had been promoted, they now seemed to be drifting further and further apart. Jonathan told him that he couldn't help him with how he was feeling but said that what Clark was going through was just one of the things all married couples went through and it would work out.

Unknown to them, the story that Clark was looking into linked to two brothers who wanted to exploit Superman's weakness and kill him out of revenge for the death of their childhood hero Lex Luthor. They used a new and improved version of the weapon Lex had used called the A-Tech Quantum Dispander and blocked out the sun to drain Superman's powers.

However Superman managed to foil them and handed them over to the police. After Lois found out and tried to save him, they made up and Lois resigned from her editorial job realizing that her place was getting stories with Clark. (Stop the Presses)

During Christmas, trouble arose in the shape of a mischievous imp named Mr. Mxyzptlk, who had just come from his Fifth Dimension. He knew Clark's identity as Superman and was determined not to be sent back. He created a time loop to slowly get rid of hope, so Superman who was the symbol of hope would be powerless. Clark began to notice that the day kept repeating itself whenever the hands of the clock reached four and that people's attitudes were slowly deteriorating. Even the Christmas Tree at the Daily Planet was getting smaller and smaller. He discovered that everyone including Lois was trapped inside this loop except him.

Clark enjoying Christmas with Lois after stopping Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mxyzptlk mockingly told Clark that he had kept him out of the loop to prove to him that he couldn't stop him. Afterwards he made a deal with Clark that he would end the loop if he agreed to leave Earth forever, but Clark refused. His hope and determination broke Lois free and together they set to work bringing back hope to everyone including their own parents and tricked Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards, which sent him back to his own dimension and broke the loop, restoring everything back to normal.

Clark had finally managed to convince Lois that Christmas wasn't just a chore as she had made it out to be, but a beautiful holiday that everyone could enjoy and they spent their first Christmas together in their new home. ('Twas the Night Before Mxymas)

Clark was later troubled by Red Kryptonite again which this time made him unable to control his powers, making him dangerous. It was all a devious plan by an electronics expert named Mr. Gadget who used Perry's own son Jerry to help, but was foiled and Clark regained his powers by having a Green Kryptonite bullet counteract the red. (Lethal Weapon)

Clark and Lois discussing what to do after Superman is involved in a tabloid scandal

While Superman was attempting to make peace between two warring countries, Lois learnt the dangers of telling a "little white lie" when she told one to get them into a posh hotel in Berlin and a reporter named Samantha sent by a jealous, sleazy, philanthropist and tabloid publisher named Randy Goode, followed and took pictures of them in bed.

Soon it was all over the tabloids with the people believing that Lois cheated on Clark and Superman betraying his good morals, making them lose faith in him, including the rulers of the countries he was attempting to negotiate peace with.

This caused Clark to want to tell the world his secret. Jonathan, Martha and Lois told him to think clearly about the consequences of his actions as he and Lois would never again have a normal life and what the reaction would be to the people if they found out that Superman had been lying to them all this time.

Fortunately the reporter had been careless and destroyed the film and the photograph that had been sent was fake. After some help from Jimmy, they found the evidence and arrested Mr. Goode and Samantha when he attempted to destroy a peace conference that Superman was giving. Afterwards Clark and Lois decided to be more careful. (Sex, Lies and Videotape)

Superman stranded in eternity by Tempus

Sometime later. Clark kept having these strange dreams of Lois being carried off into something that resembled a window and after Tempus re-emerged, the dreams got stronger with him carrying Lois off. Tempus had escaped from prison and brainwashed the city into making him their new United States President under the alias of "John Doe".

When Superman tried to stop him, the villain tricked him into entering a time window which exploded and stranded him in eternity which would eventually vanish, making him cease to exist. (Meet John Doe)

Eventually with the help of H.G. Wells and a Clark Kent from another dimension, Tempus was defeated and imprisoned once again whilst Clark was found and returned home. Clark thanked his alternate self for making the world safe in his absence and in turn Alternate Clark thanked him for his influence that made him a hero. After saying goodbye to Wells and Alternate Clark, Clark and Lois held each other in a warm embrace, glad to be together again. (Lois and Clarks)

Just as it seemed that Lex had finally been laid to rest, more trouble from the House of Luthor emerged in the form of a businessman named Leslie Luckabee and his assistant Mr. Smith who was really another of Lex Luthor's sons; Lex Luthor, Jr. who was physically deformed and even more insane than his father. Jr. wanted to rebuild Lex Sr.'s empire and take control as the rightful heir.

Superman with the deadly android Vixen

Together they made a devious plan in the shape of an android named Vixen and a Shadow Killer named Edward Hanson, who were both defeated by the Man of Steel.

Clark was suspicious of Luckabee who had suddenly become the new owner of the Daily Planet and also because of his peculiar mannerisms and once making a move on Lois and then confessing to him about it.

Soon he and Lois began to put the pieces together as both Vixen and Hanson had murdered CEOs, corporate rivals and other people who owned the companies that had previously belonged to LexCorp and also deduced that Lex had another son, especially since the last words Hanson had said to Lois before his death that he would kill her then the son of the man who knew Superman's identity. Lois was reluctant at first as the only one she had known about was Jaxon who was now gone, but Clark said that they really didn't know how many children Lex could of fathered, especially as he was the master of deception and knew that this other son of his was determined to take back what his father lost.

During this time Jr. and Leslie had found an old recording left by Lex Sr. that mentioned Superman's true identity. Eventually Leslie double-crossed Jr. after being tired of his orders and Jr. shot him in the back after tricking Lois into touching a device that monitored her senses, but was also capable of giving her a horrible headache. Jr. then kidnapped her, but Superman came to the rescue.

Superman saving Lois from Lex, Jr.

Jr. however still had the scanner and used it to give Lois another headache if Superman tried to take her away from him. Jr. also had another scheme in mind that would make certain he wouldn't fail. He activated a force field around him that if touched would detonate a bomb that would destroy the whole city unless Superman agreed to work for him.

Superman refused and froze Lois as he had done before to prevent Jr. from having anymore control over her. He then blew Jr. across the room, making him hit a wall and get knocked to the ground and then tried to deactivate the bomb that was actually inside Jr.'s lair itself but unfortunately it had a back up detonator.

Jr. then crawled over to where his scanner had fallen, attempting to set off the bomb himself. Suddenly Leslie appeared, still severely injured by the gun shot and stepped on the scanner, crushing it. With his last dying breath, he told Superman to take Lois away before touching Jr.'s force field and setting off the bomb which killed them both. Superman got Lois to safety and repaired the damage that the bomb had caused to the city. He then warmed up Lois as he had done before and she recovered. Together they agreed that even though their life always seemed to full of surprises, things always worked out in the end. (Faster Than a Speeding Vixen), (Shadow of a Doubt), (Voice from the Past)

Clark having his body stolen by Woody Samms

Sometime after that, Clark got caught in the middle of a dangerous situation when criminal Woody Samms switched bodies with him, making Clark now the target of a dangerous Mob boss named Little Tony Zarate. To make matters worse, Woody found out Clark's secret and wanted to keep his body as well as his wife for himself. Clark tried to tell Lois, but she took his claims as her husband to be that of a madman and as a result, poor Clark was arrested.

Clark was then bailed out by Woody's kind daughter Becky who kept him safe at her motel room as her father still had a price on his head. Clark was feeling ill in Woody's body as his Kryptonian soul couldn't function fully in a human body. He was determined to see Lois and tell her what was going on, especially after finding out after a brief reverse body transfer that Woody was with Lois right now. Becky was reluctant to let him go at first, but she was so touched by Clark's devotion to his wife, that she agreed to help.

Clark explaining things to Lois

Clark entered their house after Woody left and Lois was still reluctant to believe that this stranger really was her husband, beating him up until he opened the hidden compartment to his costumes and Lois felt his true soul inside him. Clark explained to her what had happened and gave her the number to the motel where he was staying, asking her to help him get his body back by calling him when Woody was most vulnerable and not let anything slip that she knew anything. Before Clark left, as he knew that he was still in danger, Lois gave him a reassuring passionate kiss, saying that she didn't care what body he was in and she was with him no matter what.

However Little Tony's men had followed Becky's car on the way to the house and took both him and Becky hostage. Clark and Becky were then taken to Little Tony's warehouse and tied to chairs. After being questioned by Little Tony over some stolen jewelry and having his life threatened, Clark was then brutally beaten by one of Little Tony's henchmen. Surprised that he just sitting there and taking it, Little Tony arranged for one of his men to kill them. Clark managed to escape, but in the scuffle, barrels of fuel were spilled and the henchman dropped a blowtorch which set the warehouse ablaze. Becky was left behind, calling for help.

Woody who was now in Clark's Superman identity and had heard Becky's cries, arrived and found out from Clark where Becky was. Clark urged him to go in and save her, but Woody was too scared. He admitted that his soul being in Clark's body was making it break down in the same way as Clark's soul had been in his as he had surprisingly bled after stopping some terrorists which meant he had no longer had the original Superman's invulnerability.

Clark reunited with Lois after getting his body back

Woody then willingly switched back bodies as only the real inhabitant could make the body return to normal and Becky was the only thing in his life that he cared about. After getting his body back, Superman then rushed into the burning warehouse and Becky was saved, but Woody was brutally shot by Little Tony.

Superman then tied the Mob boss and his gang up for the authorities and after changing back to his civilian identity went over to Becky who was now holding Woody's dying corpse in her arms.

Clark told her that her that Woody was a hero because he was the one who brought Superman to their rescue and saved his life by bravely giving him back his body, taking all the danger on himself. Becky looked at her father in admiration as Clark headed back home. Before dying, Woody managed to switch bodies with Little Tony's dog Pepino so his soul would always be with his daughter. Back home, Clark was happily reunited with Lois once again. (I've Got You Under My Skin)

After being married for six months, Clark and Lois decided they wanted children so Clark in his disguise of Superman went to Dr. Klein to see if a Kryptonian was compatible to have children with an Earthling. While this was happening, Superman also brought to justice a crazed toy inventor who was kidnapping children all over Metropolis. (Toy Story)

Clark and Lois upset after finding out they are unable to naturally have a child

However much to their disappointment, Dr. Klein's tests came back as negative and they were unable to adopt as the adoption officer didn't approve of Lois always being in harm's way and having to be constantly saved by Superman, but Clark never lost hope in having a child with Lois.

Deciding to get a second opinion, they told Clark's secret to Lois' father Sam, who was staying with them along with his wife Ellen and Clark's parents and he agreed to run some tests to see if they compatible. However this also attracted the attention of a crazed scientist and criminal named Dr. Klaus Mensa, nicknamed "Fathead" because of his enormous head that contained massive brain power. He had been released from prison and was now planning to use his powers to obtain absolute control over Metropolis. Sam let slip Clark's secret to his friend Dr. Misha who was working for Mensa who then decided to use it to his advantage. He then held Sam hostage and kidnapped Jonathan, Martha and Ellen as well, threatening to kill them if Superman tried to stop him from stealing the gold from the Metropolis Bank.

However the Kents and the Lanes persuaded Misha to help them and gave Superman and Lois a quote that she had remembered from her childhood that they were fine. They fooled Mensa on his radio communication headset into believing they had been killed. Knowing they were safe, Superman caught Mensa, who was astonished that the Man of Steel seemed to have no remorse for the death of his parents. Superman then wrapped up Mensa up in a sign post and placed in him a police car, deciding to fly the fiend inside it to prison himself, but the criminal used his telekinetic brain powers to unscrew a large noticeboard as a diversion and started the car to make his getaway.

After fixing the sign, Superman and Lois then followed Mensa back to his hideout just in time to see him attaching himself to a device called the Bummer Be-Gone that would increase his brain power. The machine however overloaded due to Mensa's impatience to try it whether it was ready or not. Superman disconnected it and the effects took away Mensa's brain power along with everything he had learned and everything unpleasant. The memory of Clark's alter-ego was also taken away from Sam and Dr. Misha. Mensa was then sent back to prison and Clark and Lois' parents were safe.

Clark and Lois with their baby

One evening they were talking in bed, relieved that everything was back to normal. Lois was disappointed that even her father's results had come back as negative, but Clark told her that the love they had for each other always overcame the impossible.

They then heard a sound downstairs and went to the sitting room to find a basket with a baby wrapped in a blanket resembling Superman's House of El shield. There was also a note attached that said: "Dear Lois and Clark, this baby belongs to you."

Both Clark and Lois' parents came downstairs too and Clark and Lois proudly showed them their child which filled the whole family with joy as they now had the child they had always wanted. (The Family Hour)


Being a Kryptonian, Superman gets his powers from the rays of the Earth's yellow sun in contrast to his own planet that had a red sun, these are as follows.

  • Super Strength: Superman is so strong he can lift extremely heavy objects or even move asteroids.
  • Invulnerability: Being the Man of Steel, Superman is impervious to dangers such bullets, physical human assault and non Kryptonian diseases, however he can still be effected by forms of Kryptonite or heavy artillery such as the A-Tech Quantum Disruptor.
  • Flight: Superman can fly high in the sky like a bird at several feet.
  • Heat Vision: Superman's eyes can generate a powerful heated beam that can melt or slice through anything.
  • X Ray Vision: Superman can see through virtually anything from the bones of humans to solid walls. However he is unable to see through lead.
  • Telescopic Vision: Superman can zoom in with his vision whenever he sees a person or object far away.
  • Super Breath: Superman has breath powerful enough to freeze or even move a object or person.
  • Super Hearing: Superman's ears can hear sounds from miles away such as someone calling for help or the noise of a disaster. He can also hear special ultra frequencies that only he can hear when contacted by someone.
  • Super Speed: Superman has astonishing speed in ground and flight, allowing him to reach anywhere, even a foreign country in only a few seconds. He also uses it to protect others from attacks.
  • Telepathic Communication: Though he is not seen using this ability, his fellow Kryptonians use this method to communicate with each from long distances, so he mostly likely has it too.

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