Don't Tug on Superman's Cape is the sixth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Superman, object d'art. a wealthy Metropolis couple wants to add Superman to their collection of rarities.

Plot Summary

Tim and Amber Lake, an eccentric couple with a passion for collecting rare objects, attempt to add Superman to their collection.

To manage that, they help Bad Brain Johnson break out of prison so they can use him and his inventions for their plan. They kill him as soon as he gets out and they frame everything they do to look like he did it.

They target Lois and Clark and after making everyone think they killed Lois with Bad Brain's cremation machine, the Electrowhammy", they kidnap her and she becomes part of their collection. Superman puts the pieces together and realises who is behind everything and when he attempts to capture the Lakes, they use Lois as a bait to capture him.

Superman uses his powers to escape the prison he is locked up in and, after helping Lois, he brings the Lakes to justice who are imprisoned in two separate cells with Lois humorously remarking later at the Daily Planet: "With any luck, that will the last time Tim and Amber Lake see each other".

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