Fly Hard is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


No Escape! The suspense mounts when terrorists take the Daily Planet Crew plus Lex hostage. Clark can't use his superpowers without revealing his identity...or putting the others in danger.

Plot Summary

Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack are at the Daily Planet on a Saturday afternoon; Perry and Jimmy try to clean up Perry's office while Jack waits Clark to finish a story and go to the cinema.

Soon, Lois and Lex arrive because Lois wants to make a last minute change at her article before they headed out. All of them get trapped and are being held as hostages, when a group of criminals burst into the Daily Planet. While Jimmy manages to escape since the criminal did not see him and tries to get some help, the rest of the hostages try to understand what those criminals want.

Clark finds it difficult to use his powers because he is afraid that he will reveal himself and also put everyone in danger. With Lois' help they find out that the criminals are looking for the secret vault of Prohibition era racketeer Dragonetti. The criminals have a secret boss who also gave them the information about the vault and it is revealed later that the secret boss is the security guard Willie.

Willie reveals that wasn't a killer or a monster and didn't want to hurt anyone.The main reason why he wants the Dragonetti vault was because Dragonetti framed him on a crime many years ago and that vault was to exonerate him of all the charges against him. He made a deal with the criminals to find it and didn't want anyone to get hurt and no guns.

However when the vault is found, the criminals turn against Willie as well and attempt to keep what they've found for themselves but Clark finds a way to use his powers without the others noticing and the criminals get arrested while Willie is cleared of the charges.

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This episode marks the final appearance of Cat.