Forget Me Not is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the fourth part of a five-part story involving a fake wedding, clones and amnesia.


Hoping to regain her memory, Lois enters a clinic where patients die at alarming rapid rate.

Plot Summary

Lois checks in a clinic for people with memory loss to help her gain her memories back. She remembers who she is but nothing around her work and what is her relationship with Clark.

Her doctor, Maxwell Deter, falls in love with her and tells Clark that he should not tell Lois about them being a couple because it will shock her. In order to get them even more apart, Deter forbids Clark even visiting Lois while he comes closer to her.

Meanwhile, another doctor in the clinic, Dr. Elias Mendenhall, brainwashes the patients of the clinic using the music "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to commit murders and then he kills them causing them a stroke. Clark investigates the murders and with the help of Lois, they manage to find out that Mendenhall is behind everything and stops him before Lois kills Perry as she was brainwashed to do.

Mendenhall is arrested and the senior citizens are safe. Superman demands from Mendenhall a complete list of everyone who hired him to do this despicable deed or he would have "Battle Hymn of the Republic" played in his prison cell day and night.

Lois starts remembering things but not her relationship with Clark and she believes she is in love with Deter.

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