I've Got a Crush on You is the sixth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Dressed in feathers (and not much else), Lois goes onstage to investigate a series of nightclub arsons. But she's upstaged by the new bartender: Clark, who's determined to get the story and ice the arsonists.

Plot Summary

A group of arsonists known as the "Toasters" set local nightclubs on fire and Lois decides to go undercover at a club to investigate what is going on. Clark follows her steps and gets a job at the club as a bartender, also undercover.

Johnny Taylor is the owner of the club but his sister Toni disagrees with the way he runs the organisation and takes over after the club is attacked by the Toasters.

Lex Luthor visits the club to discuss with Toni and sees Lois singing on stage. Toni finds Lois and Clark hiding at the storage and Clark, to save at least his cover, he reveals that Lois is the one leaking information about the club.

Lois loses her job at the club but she follows Toni and finds out that she is the one who is behind the Toasters. She asks them to stop now that she is running the club but they capture her and they keep their job deciding to wreck more havoc. Superman manages to stop them while it is revealed that Lex also benefited by the arsonists to buy the land he wanted to build the "Lex Harbor" in low price.

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