Illusions of Grandeur is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Can Superman pull a rescue out of a hat? A kidnapper skilled in magic abducts children and demands ransom from their wealthy parents. Superman's on the job, until the magician hypnotises the Man of Steel into believing wrong is right.

Plot Summary

A kid named Nick gets kidnapped and when his mother Rose reaches to Lois and Clark for help, the two of them start to investigate all the recent kidnappings of children. The way Nick was kidnapped - through a magic box decorated with moons and stars - leads them to a magic club where they meet the magician Andre Novak.

While they are trying to find clues to connect Novak to the kidnappings, Superman confronts the kidnapper himself during the exchange of money for Nick, but the kidnapper hypnotises him into thinking that "wrong is right" and Superman starts doing weird things every time he hears the phrase "moon and stars".

Eventually, Lois finds Nick and when Superman arrives for help, they discover that behind the kidnappings is Constance, the assistance of Darrin Romick , another magician who works with Novak. Constance not only is responsible for the kidnappings and for hypnotising Superman, but she also hypnotised Romick into killing Novak. Superman manages to fight the hypnosis, saves everyone and Constance gets arrested.

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