Individual Responsibility is the twentieth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

In this episode Clark discovers Kryptonite in a red variety for the first time.


Seeing red. Intergang kidnaps Perry White and is about to purchase the Daily Planet. But all Superman can manage is a bore ho-hum - newly discovered red Kryptonite has sapped the Man of Steel's steely resolve.

Plot Summary

The leader of Intergang Bill Church is retired and his son, Bill Church Jr., takes over. Intergang wants to buy the Daily Planet but fails while at the same time they discover a new type of Kryptonite that is red and not green.

While trying to convince Perry to sell the newspaper, they try out the new Kryptonite on Superman to see what effects it has on him. The results show that when Superman is exposed to it, he becomes apathetic and does not care about anything. Intergang takes advantage of this to kidnap Perry while Superman wonders why he is acting this way.

Lois sends him to Dr. Friskin, a psychotherapist, to help him out. She believes that Superman needs vacations because of all the stress he puts on himself but during a session, the red Kryptonite that Intergang put in her office is found by Superman and they realise that this is the reason for his behaviour.

Superman fights the effects the red kryptonite has on him and saves Perry while Church ends up in jail and Daily Planet reveals that he was the leader of Intergang.

After telling her how dating Scardino upsets him, Lois gives Clark another chance at dating with him promising not to run off again.

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