Just Say Noah is the fifth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


The Daily Planet's top reporters go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. to investigate a mysterious institute of love.

Plot Summary

After the disappearance of a couple who lives next door to Lois, Lois and Clark discover that they are not the first couple who have gone missing in the last few days.

Their investigation leads them to Larry Smiley's marriage institute, since all the couples who went missing had previously visited him. The opportunity to work undercover at the institute as a married couple helps them work on their relationship as well while they discover that Larry Smiley believes he is Noah and wants to flood the Earth.

He collects couples of each profession to save them from the flood and recreate the Earth afterwards. One of the couples is Perry and Alice, but Lois and Superman manage to stop him before he proceeds with his plan. Afterwards Lois and Clark decide to work on their relationship.

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