"You can't be a top reporter without taking some risks."
—Lois Lane

Lois Lane is the second main protagonist in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

She was the gorgeous top reporter for the Daily Planet and news partner, love interest and later wife of Clark Kent.

She was portrayed by Teri Hatcher.


Lois takes great pride in being a reporter. At first, she let her success go to her head to make her self obsessed with being the best and even stooping as low as stealing ideas from other reporters, but that all changed when she met Clark Kent (aka Superman), who took her down a peg a two and they later became friends, news partners and then a married couple during which Lois' more caring side began to blossom.

Lois has a heart of gold and always sticks by her husband and friends through thick and thin, giving them great words of encouragement. However she is still a little stubborn and impulsive and the risks she takes as a reporter often puts herself and others in danger.

She loves her husband Clark dearly, not only because of his kind and caring personality, but also because of how he uses his Superman alter-ego to help others.


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