The Third Season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was aired from 1995-1996.

It was the most successful of the show's run. In the first episode Lois reveals to Clark that she had found out his secret identity and it is only in the seventh episode "Ultra Woman" that she finally accepts Clark's proposal.

However the wedding was put off by a conflict with the marriage arranged in the original comics which started a five part story of a fake wedding where Lois is kidnapped by Lex Luthor who replaces her with a frog eating clone and later with Lois suffering amnesia after a sharp hit on the head and needing to regain her memory.

The season ended with Clark rediscovering his Krytonian heritage and leaving with his fellow Kryptonians Zara and Ching to save New Krypton and Earth from the evil Lord Nor.

Main Cast


Lois and Clark Season 3 and 4 Cast

The Cast of Season 3

  1. We Have a Lot to Talk About
  2. Ordinary People
  3. Contact
  4. When Irish Eyes Are Killing
  5. Just Say Noah
  6. Don't Tug on Superman's Cape
  7. Ultra Woman
  8. Chip Off the Old Clark
  9. Super Mann
  10. Virtually Destroyed
  11. Home Is Where the Hurt Is
  12. Never on Sunday
  13. The Dad Who Came In from the Cold
  14. Tempus, Anyone?
  15. I Now Pronounce You...
  16. Double Jeopardy
  17. Seconds
  18. Forget Me Not
  19. Oedipus Wrecks
  20. It's a Small World After All
  21. Through a Glass, Darkly
  22. Big Girls Don't Fly