Lord of the Flys is the first episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the third part of a four-part story of the Kryptonian Battle.


A world without Superman. Clark leaves Earth to rule New Krypton and Lord Nor arrives to institute a reign of terror.

Plot Summary

Clark and Lois miss each other deeply. Clark is having problems when he reaches his people on a floating palace and tries to adjust to their customs especially when he and Zara have to consummate their marriage. Lois is having problems of her own when Perry is constantly asking her where Clark is.

Meanwhile Clark's rival Lord Nor has discovered the powers of the Earth's yellow sun would give him superpowers just like Kal-El, so he and his soldiers invade the planet starting with Clark's hometown Smallville and makes all the people including Clark's parents into slaves.

He even covers the whole town in an impregnable force field.

Lois manages to be smuggled onto the palace as a concubine and she and go to Smallville themselves disguised as slaves. Nor finds out that his rival is hiding and brings Clark's parents to him to be executed to make him surrender.

Clark reveals himself and Nor reveals in exchange for his parents' lives, he wants his throne and him gone forever.

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