Oedipus Wrecks is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the final part of a five-part story involving a fake wedding, clones and amnesia.


Back to work...and back to square one. As working partners only, Lois and Clark track down a mind-altering machine.

Plot Summary

Lois returns to Daily Planet having regained much of her memories but she still does not remember anything about her relationship with Clark.

She still believes that she is in love with Dr. Deter and when he sees signs that she starts remembering, he hypnotises her into believing that she wants to go away with him.

Meanwhile, Lois and Clark have to investigate a strange phenomenon happening in Metropolis that makes people act peculiar and whenever this occurs Lois' memories begin to awaken. Their investigation leads them to Bad Brain's younger brother, Herkimer, who is willing to do anything to make his mother love him and be proud of him for she sees him harshly as weak and spineless not willing to do the horrid things his brother did. He created a machine that produces electromagnetic waves that affect people's behaviour making them into mindless zombies.

While getting saved by Superman at Bad Brain's Mother's house, the last shock of waves from the machine stirs up Lois' memories completely of her relationship to Clark, and the two of them get back together with Lois giving Deter a farewell punch for tricking her, while Herkimer and his mother are arrested.

Superman takes Lois up into the night sky where he places the engagement ring on Lois's finger once more.

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