Operation Blackout is the sixth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Where were you when the lights went out? A citywide blackout has Lois and Clark hunting for a culprit (and a motive) while the rest of the Daily Planet staff scrambles to publish sans technology.

Plot Summary

During the demonstration of the army's latest weapon, something seems to go wrong and General Ralph Marshall is killed. Lois and Clark investigate the "accident" and they discover that an old college friend of Lois named Ryan Wiley, who supposedly died a year ago, was present at the demonstration.

Lois visits Molly, her best friend from college and ex-girlfriend of Ryan, to ask her about him. Molly is very different as a person now and she is against everything that has to do with technology. When she is asked about Ryan, she insists that all she knows is that he is dead.

Meanwhile, a citywide blackout forces the Daily Planet to find a means to publish the paper without the help of modern technology. Lois and Clark discover that Ryan's plan is to high-jack a satellite and blow up an army base.

They get to the base where Lois finds Molly tied up in a chair realising that she was also fooled by Ryan. The two women try to stop the program via the computer but it is impossible to do it. With Superman's help, they stop the satellite and Ryan, along with Colonel Charles Fane who was part of the plan, get arrested while trying to escape.

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