Ordinary People is the second episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Great body -- he'll take it! A deranged millionaire thinks his head would look great on Superman's physique.

Plot Summary

The Daily Planet receives an invitation to visit an island resort for a review and Perry convinces Lois and Clark to be the ones to go so they can work on their relationship. Lois and Clark challenge each other that while being at the island, Lois will not work and Clark will not use any of his superpowers.

This bet seems to work fine and the two of them start to have a good time when Spencer Spencer, the owner of the "resort", kidnaps them in order to make Superman come to their rescue. Spencer wants to steal Superman's body to replace his own deformed one.

Clark, to save Lois' life, reveals that he is Superman, and Spencer uses Kryptonite to make him weak and be able to operate on him. While preparing to operate, Lois escapes and saves Superman's life, while Spencer is killed.

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