Requiem for a Superhero is the fifth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

In this episode we meet Lois' father Sam Lane for the first time.


Cyborgs vs Superman. New partners Lois and Clark go after a heavyweight story: corrupt fight promoters with a stable of bionic boxers. (And the doctor who created the humanoid machines is Lois' father!)

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark cover a story about boxing fighters who seem to be stronger than an average normal human. Lois meets a family friend, Allie Dinello and asks for information but he denies to say anything. When later calls Lois and asks her to meet him, Lois gets there but Allie is murdered before he talks to her.

Lois and Clark's investigation leads them to Lois' father, Dr. Sam Lane, who works in the sports medicine and to discover that the fighters are in reality cyborgs. Sam decides to help Lois when he finds out that his other partner Max is the one who killed Allie.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Max works for Lex Luthor, who wants to build an "army of Supermen". Max kidnaps Lois and while Superman fights two cyborgs, Lex gets the opportunity to "save her life" by killing Max, something that Lois appreciates. Lois and Clark write the story revealing the truth about the fighters and what was really going on.

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