Resurrection is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

This was also the second part of a two-part story of the case of Mayson Drake.


Searching for Assistant District Attorney Mayson Drake's killer, Lois and Clark encounter a dark plot involving faked deaths, escaped convicts and a hunky government agent who finds Lois captivating.

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark are investigating Mayson's Drake's death, her last word "Resurrection" and who was behind it.

DEA agent Dan Scardino also arrives in town investigating the same case. Scardino is attracted to Lois, something that makes Clark jealous especially when Lois defends him for his actions.

Their investigation leads them to discover that a former scientist of Star Labs, Stanley Gables developed a pill called "Resurrection" that makes people look dead for few hours and then they wake up perfectly fine. Gables uses the pill to fake the death of three criminals who are in prison and break them out of there as dead and transport them by coffin to his mansion.

Gables' plan is to release a deadly virus called "Virus A" in the city to revenge a mistake that happened while he was working at Star Labs and made him catch the specific virus that was eating away at his body. Superman manages to stop him before the virus is spread to the whole town and Gables, along with the three criminals, get arrested.

Later,Scardino asks Lois if it would be okay with her to ask her out some time while Clark is watching.

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