Seconds is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the third part of a five-part story involving a fake wedding, clones and amnesia.


Lex's dark plot to win Lois could mean eternal amnesia for her and disaster for the citizens of Metropolis.

Plot Summary

Lois is still with Lex Luthor believing that she is Wanda, the heroine from her unfinished novel, and Lex being Kent. Lex worries that Lois will soon recover her memory so he breaks into Star Labs and steals two specimens of cloned bodies designed by Dr. Mamba so that they can switch bodies with the help of his former employee Asabi and leave town as soon as possible.

Lois' clone falls in love with Clark and after she apologises for trying to kill the real Lois, she agrees to helps him find her.

Lex kidnaps the clone, angry at her betrayal and tells her that she only has two days left to live. In hope that he will fix her, she tells him that Clark Kent is Superman, but Lex tells her that there is no way of increasing her life span.

Lex then obtains a dangerous weapon called the A-Tech Quantum Disrupter that can kill his archenemy once and for all. He tries to convince Lois to kill Clark so her love for him will fade away completely.

When all of them meet at Lex's hideout under a subway station, Lois cannot kill Superman and when Lex tries to do it, the clone tries to stop him which ends up killing them both.

Clark manages to get Lois out of the hideout before it collapses while the dead bodies of the clone and Lex are both left behind. On their way out, Lois gets hit by a falling rock, knocking her unconscious.

It is revealed later at the hospital that despite the head trauma, it made her remember who she is. But she does not recognise Clark at all, much to his disappointment. He sadly watches her leave as she is pushed in a wheelchair through the surgery doors.

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This episode marks the final physical appearance of Lex Luthor. He would later appear only as a voice in the fourth season.