Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) is the second episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Superman discovers his roots. A phony warrant leads Clark to proof of his alien origin...and to a shadowy federal agent who wants Superman dead.

Plot Summary

Jason Trask, a man who claims that he works for the government, bursts into Daily Planet and wants to interrogate Lois and Clark about Superman. During the interrogation, Trask does not find any of the information he wants and leaves.

Later, Perry finds out that the warrant Trask used was fake and Lois and Clark start to investigate about Trask. They reach a man who works for the government named George Thompson, but he denies that he knows anything about him. Lois follows him to a secret warehouse and when Thompson is found dead, Lois returns to the warehouse with Clark. They find different alien objects that seem to be connected to Superman, including a spaceship and a globe which resembles Krypton and shines when Clark touches it.

Trask finds them in the warehouse and captures them. He is determined to find and kill Superman and to do that, he uses them as bait by throwing them out of a plane. Superman saves Lois, Trask tries to kill him but fails and then the rogue agent disappears. Lois and Clark return to the warehouse with Perry and the police but the warehouse is now empty.

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