Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding is the third episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

In this episode, Lois and Clark finally get married.


They're getting married. Really. Unless the nutty Wedding Destroyer breaks out of confinement to break up the nuptials.

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark are making plans for their second wedding when they discover that Myrtle Beech also known as the "Wedding Destroyer" who they sent to prison three years ago has broken out and wants revenge on the two reporters.

She works with her therapist Dr. Voyle Grumman who amongst other mishaps are involved with the murder of newspaper reporter Leo Nunk who they send to spy on the couple and give them information.

After doing some research, they find out that Grumman lied about Myrtle's fiance being the perfect husband since he was planning to run off with Myrtle's best friend Emily Channing before his car skidded on ice and flipped into a ditch on the way to the church.

The sick-minded Grumman hid the truth from Myrtle because her experience to him was a perfect form of sorrow and desperation for him to study.

Myrtle and Grummin head to the church where the rehearsal is taking place after switching one of the wedding rings with one that packs a deadly electric charge and uses it to try and kill Lois. Clark tries to reason with her and reveals Grumman's true intentions and how he had been using her.

A tearful Myrtle surrenders and they are both arrested with Clark promising her that she will get the help she needs. Lois and Clark finally get married with Clark's parents, Lois's parents, Perry and Jimmy as guests in a beautiful garden at sunset by a guardian angel named Mike, who had been watching over them all along.

After waiting so long, Lois and Clark were husband and wife at last.

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