Tempus, Anyone? is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Lois dead? Clark engaged to his hometown sweetheart? An alternate reality all seems too real for Lois.

Plot Summary

Criminal from the future, Tempus returns to Metropolis and kidnaps Lois taking her to a parallel universe where things are very different than her universe; she died a couple of years ago before Clark came to work at the Daily Planet, Jimmy is the owner of the newspaper, Perry is running for Mayor of Metropolis and most important, there is no Superman.

H.G. Wells helps Lois to remember her previous encounter with Tempus and they decide to stop his evil plans from taking over this reality when he becomes the new Mayor of Metropolis.

After finding Clark, Lois convinces him to become the hero he has always been and manages to expose Tempus before he kills Perry and millions of innocent people. Though the villain tells everyone Clark's true identity, people accept their new hero.

After some words of encouragement from Lois and Wells, Clark begins his new life as Superman even if he finds it hard to let Lois go, but he understands that the Clark in her reality needs her.

Meanwhile, Lois, with Wells' help, returns to her own reality to see Clark and prepare for their wedding, while Tempus who was also returned is sent to prison, vowing revenge.

Wells smiles in the distance at the happy couple and after looking at his watch, disappears into the crowd.

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