Tempus Fugitive is the eighteen episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Future Shock. H.G. Wells drops in - via his time machine and gives Lois and Clark of a surprising world to come. Then they race to the past to save baby Superman from a deadly fugitive from the future.

Plot Summary

The legendary author H. G. Wells, arrives at the Daily Planet during Perry White's birthday and wants to talk to Lois and Clark. When they hear he is from the future, they believe he is crazy because of time travelling being impossible and the legendary author dying years ago in 1946, so they try to ignore him but Wells gets Clark's attention when he tells him that he knows he is Superman.

Wells leads Lois and Clark to his time machine to meet Tempus only to discover that he likes this world in the twentieth century instead of his ideal one, Utopia, and decides that he wants to travel back in time to when Superman first arrived on Earth, to kill him.

Tempus and Wells travel back in time but Wells changes the date to 1866 instead of 1966 to earn some time as well as he leaving behind the instructions of how to build the time machine.

Superman builds the time machine and Lois and Clark get to 1966 where they realise that Tempus and Wells travelled to 1866 so they head there too. In 1866, Tempus reveals the truth about Superman's true identity to Lois, before he travels with Wells to 1966, leaving her alone and furious with Clark for not telling her.

Eventually, they all arrive in 1966 where Lois and Clark manage to stop Tempus killing an infant Superman with Kryptonite and make sure the Kents find the baby.

Wells takes Tempus to an insane asylum in Smallville in 1866 where he will do no more harm and returns to take Lois and Clark back to present but a few moments before his first arrival so they will not remember anything, including Lois not remembering that Clark is Superman. Lois writes it down on the envelope of a card before they travel back home but Clark finds it and takes it away before Lois can read it.

H.G. Wells watches in the background and looking at his watch returns back home.

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  • Adam Grupper as Mugged Man in Alley