That Old Gang of Mine is the seventh episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Scarface vs. Superman! A misguided scientist manipulates DNA to regenerate 1930s gangsters, including Al Capone - who decides he'd like to run Metropolis as he ran Chicago.

Plot Summary

Perry and Jimmy get car-jacked by Bonnie and Clyde and they all believe that the people who did it were just impersonating the two gansters. When John Dillinger and Al Capone also appear in Metropolis, things get even more strange and Lois and Clark discover that a scientist named Professor Emil Hamilton cloned the criminals because he believed he could alter people's personalities. Hamilton is not able to control the criminals anymore, who try to take over Metropolis, and Capone also forces him to recreate his old gang.

Lois and Clark go to a club to find out more about the criminals and during a confrontation there, Clyde shoots Clark who has to fake his death so his Superman identity will not revealed. While everyone mourns the loss of Clark, Clark does not know what to do until he reads Hamilton's research and uses it as an excuse to explain how he is alive again.

The criminals attack the Daily Planet but Superman gets there in time and stops them along with Daily Planet staff while the police arrests them. Clark's return makes everyone happy especially Lois who on their way home, decides to express Clark her real feelings about him, only to realise that while she was talking Clark fell asleep and did not hear anything of what she had said.

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