The Eyes Have It is the twelfth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Flying Blind. A scheming optometrist develops an ultraviolet-ray device that renders Superman sightless. Then Lois is kidnapped - and Superman feels powerless to help her.

Plot Summary

Dr. Faraday runs away from Dr. Harry Leit to protect a silver ballpoint pen device he created that can transmit information to someone's brain through a beam of light. Faraday ends up in Lois' apartment and uses the device on her before he gets killed. Lois gets into a trance for a few minutes and she misses the faces of the two other men Leit and his henchman Munch coming into her apartment after Faraday.

Lois and Clark try to discover more things around Faraday while Lois can explain things in his research that no one understands. Leit tries to find the device by asking Lois but when Superman comes to save her, Leit uses another device on him causing him blindness.

Lois takes Superman to her apartment to take care of him until his sight returns. Leit and Munch kidnap Lois to force her to tell them where Faraday's device is and when Superman realises what Leit is looking for, he goes to Daily Planet to get it before him.

Leit arrives there with Lois and while he tries to get Faraday's device, Lois manages to take the antidote for Superman's blindness. When his sight returns, Superman destroys Faraday's device resulting in Leit and Munch both going blind. The two men are arrested and everything goes back to normal.

Meanwhile, everyone believes that Clark has spent a weekend away with Mayson since when she asked him out, everyone thought that Clark accepted her proposal which he hadn't, unaware that he had spent the whole weekend with Lois while he was blind when he was Superman. Lois learns of this and asks Clark where he has been the last three days but he has no answer.

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