The People vs. Lois Lane is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

It was the first part of a two-part story of the framing of Lois Lane.


The D.A has an airtight case against a suspected killer: the crime on film and a city full of eyewitnesses. The accused: Lois Lane.

Plot Summary

As Lois and Clark are fixing up and settling in their new home together, Elroy Sykes, an ex informant of Lois, calls her telling her that he has information about a story and asks her to meet him. During their meeting he gives her a gun and asks her to hold it pointing it on him while he starts to describe his "story".

The gun goes off killing Sykes surprising Lois as she wasn't even holding the trigger and becomes the only suspect since a woman, Sheila Danko, records the whole thing. Lois is arrested and put in prison awaiting her trial.

Meanwhile District Attorney Clemmons finds this as the perfect opportunity to strengthen his campaign, though Clark warns him that this will lead to trouble if he does.

Superman convinces the judge to let her out under his supervision till the trial but Professor Jefferson Cole, who is revealed to be behind everything, is determined to get his revenge since she was the one who put him in prison.

Cole with the help of his assistant Wolcott makes a lifelike holographic device and uses it against Lois. First a holograph of Lois herself walking down the street holding a gun, which leads her back to prison and later, a holograph of Perry appears in her trail and testifies against her, while the real Perry is kidnapped, gagged and tied up. Fake Perry's testimony finds Lois guilty of murder in the first degree and in prison, while Superman sadly looks on.

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