The Source is the third episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


A timid technogeek blows the whistle on corporate corruption. Lois gets the story, then gets a bad case of the guilts when she can't protect the whistle blower from corporate tycoons.

Plot Summary

After an accident on a fair wheel, a worker of a corporation named Stuart Hofferman comes to Lois saying that this was not an accident since he himself had informed about the problem on the wheel but they ignored him. Lois writes the story and does everything she can to protect her source, even after Eric Thorp, the man behind the accident, tries to kill her and forces Stuart to say that he was lying.

Perry is forced to kill the story while Stuart, who has been hiding at Clark's place, disappears. The disappearance looks like Stuart has been murdered and Lois gets suspended since the murder was a result of Stuart providing her information.

Clark helps Lois to restore her reputation and they discover that Stuart is not dead but he staged his death along with his best friend Oliver, so people would leave him alone. They find him and convince him to help them expose the truth. Thorp is arrested and Lois returns to the Daily Planet having restored her reputation.

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