Tim: "Phase One"
Amber: "Complete"
—Tim and Amber Lake

Tim and Amber Lake are villains in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

They were an eccentric wealthy couple who wanted to add Superman to their collection of treasures.

They were portrayed by real life couple Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis.


Though a wealthy couple deeply devoted to each other, they were also greedy and sick minded, collecting precious artifacts unknown to the world, even including people and not letting anyone stand in their way, especially Superman, whose fascination in him, drove them to adding him to their collection.


It is unknown how Tim and Amber met and how long they were married for, but they both seemed to share the same interests and enjoyed collecting rare artifacts. After several years in collecting, they suddenly became interested in Superman and decided that he would be the greatest asset in their collection.

They also hear about a machine called the ElectroWhammy and a criminal named Bad Brain Johnson who created it. They break him out of prison and bring him back to their mansion where they kill him just to see if it works.

Later they set a trap for the Man of Steel by making it look like Superman had killed Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane when it was really Tim in a Superman costume and Lois was transported to their mansion with the ElectroWhammy.

Superman arrives, hoists Tim up by the collar and demands to see Lois. He along with Amber open up a secret room where all their treasures are kept and show him Lois who is trapped in a force field cage.

They tell him that the force field around her is dangerous to touch and she will die unless he becomes part of their collection. Superman reluctantly agrees and goes in a force field cage as well. Tim and Amber go off to cellebrate leaving Superman alone with Lois.

Tim and Amber's defeat

Tim and Amber's defeat

Suddenly they hear an alarm going off from their secret room, they open the door and find to their shock and horror that Superman managed to escape the cage and rescued Lois who had left to phone the Police. "Uh, Oh!"

They are then captured and arrested where they get imprisoned in two separate cells. Their capture is later shown on the front page of a newspaper at the Daily Planet, with a picture showing them being taken away with the headline "Perfect Couple, Perfectly Evil". Reporter Clark Kent tears their picture right down the middle with Lois humorously remarking: "With any luck, that'll the last time Tim and Amber Lake see each other".

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