Top Copy is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


"Clark Kent is Superman!" A hotshot television journalist who's also an assassin fro Intergang, discovers Clark's secret identity...and reveals it on nationwide TV.

Plot Summary

A television news reporter, Diana Stride, wants to discover the true identity of Superman and expose him to the public. Her first attempts are not much successful since Clark manages every time to appear in front of her as Superman, before she realises who he really is.

At the same time, Mr. X, a former member of Intergang, is about to testify against Intergang and one of its assassins. As it turns out, the assassin is Diana, who attempts to silence him before he does it. Superman gets into her way and she decides to kill him. She kisses Superman while wearing a Kryptonite lipstick, something that makes Superman very sick since the Kryptonite enters his body and spreads like a cancer.

Before he is rushed to the hospital, Diana finds out that Clark Kent is Superman and makes a story about it on TV while Superman finds a way to destroy the dangerous substance that is inside him.

Everyone is surprised when they hear the news about Superman's true identity and Clark organises a press interview to prove that he is not Superman. With the help of his parents, they create an hologram of Superman that appears during the interview while Clark is also standing there, and the Man of Steel explains that Clark is his friend and he helps him by keeping his things at his house. After the press interview, Superman goes on to arrest Diana, whose Superman story has now been seen as a hoax.

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