Ultra Woman is the seventh episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Scheming sisters zap Superman with red Kryptonite, but the plot goes haywire when his powers transfer to Lois.

Plot Summary

Two sisters, Lucille and Nell whose brother is scientist Dr. Gene Newtrich (that Superman apprehended in Individual Responsibility), try to use a red Kryptonite laser to make Superman permanently apathetic so they will be able to steal a $20 million shipment being transferred to Metropolis.

When they shoot him with the red beam though, Superman steps in front of Lois to protect her resulting in his superpowers being transferred to her. Lois asks Martha's help for a costume so people will not recognize her while she is doing Superman's job. She takes on the identity of Ultra Woman.

When Lucille and Nell discover what really happened, they transfer Ultra Woman's powers to Lucille, while Superman asks for Dr Klein's help to recreate the weapon Nell used to steal his powers.

Lucille and Nell rob a truck with the $20 million shipment and when Ultra Woman and Superman get there, they manage to trick them and Superman gets his powers back, sending Lucille and Nell to prison.

Meanwhile, Perry finds a note left from his wife Alice in his pocket saying that she has left him. Later he reveals that she is tired of playing second to his career at the Daily Planet and wants a divorce which puts him in a very bad mood, while the others try to comfort him.

After her experience as Ultra Woman, Lois realizes how difficult life is for Clark being Superman and trying to save the world all the time. They go to the same fountain where Clark proposed to her in And the Answer Is... where she asks him to marry her and he accepts, placing the engagement ring on her finger.

Guest Cast

Recurring cast

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  • Lawrence A. Mandley as Husband
  • Evie Peck as Woman
  • Thomas Rosales as Thug
  • Hal Havins as Driver


Shelley Long and Mary Gross had previously starred together in the 1989 comedy film Troop Beverly Hills.