Vatman is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Superman discovers there's a powerful new villain in town: Superman! Lex Luthor develops a Superman clone with all his powers and just one goal: destroy the real Man of Steel.

Plot Summary

Superman saves a crippled jet in Paris while Clark is at the Daily Planet and watches the event on TV in shock. He has no idea who that new Superman is, so tries to find him and talk to him but it is not easy.

Clark wonders if he has a twin brother but in reality the new Superman is actually a clone that Lex Luthor created to kill Superman. Lois comes closer to the clone but being so close makes her realise that this guy is not the Superman she knows since he not acting his usual self.

Clark manages to talk to the clone and the only thing he can learn is that the clone believes that they are enemies and his "father" told him to stay away from him. When Superman starts asking questions about the clone's childhood, it makes the clone start wondering if his "father" has been lying to him.

The clone asks Luthor about it but he is not getting any answers, only that he has to kill Superman as soon as possible. The clone overhears that he is dying which is the reason why Luthor wants him to kill Superman sooner than they thought.

The clone and Superman confront each other but at the last moment, the clone confesses the truth to Superman without telling him though who created him. Before he dies, the clone gets the lock of hair that Luthor used to clone the real Superman and takes it to the Man of Steel to destroy it and him so no one can clone him again.

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