Wall of Sound is the second episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Listen Up! A crook develops a sonic weapon that stuns citizens into slumberland. He even has a special frequency for Superman. Will Superman triumph, or is it time to say good night to the Man of Steel?

Plot Summary

The nominations for the Kerth Awards are about to be announced and Lois is sure that she will be nominated again since she has been every time for the last three years and won. When Clark gets nominated instead of her, she gets jealous and insecure, something that affects their investigation about a new villain in town who uses sound waves as a weapon. The sound wave puts people to sleep while he is able to rob banks and jewellery stores.

Lois and Clark disagree on who the suspect might be, since Lois believes it is Lenny Stoke while Clark believes it is Dr. Derek Camden. The truth is somewhere in between since Stoke used Camden's knowledge to create the device for the sound waves, a device that can also produce a sound that affects Superman, something that makes it difficult for Superman to stop him.

Eventually, Superman stops Stoke and sends him in prison, while Clark wins the Kerth Award. Lois is proud of her partner but she also warns him that the next time he forces her to be his date on a night where he gets awarded she will tear him apart, making both of them laugh.

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