We Have a Lot to Talk About is the first episode of the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

It begins where the last episode left off with Clark proposing to Lois.


Clark's marriage proposal to Lois doesn't get quite the response he hoped for. Lois is glad, sad...and mad!

Plot Summary

Lois answers to Clark's proposal with the question "Who's asking? Clark or Superman?" and when Clark asks how long she has known, she says since the previous night. Lois is hurt and mad because Clark was lying to her all this time while Clark tries to explain why he could not tell her his secret.

While Lois tries to come to terms with the revelation of Superman's identity, Bill Church returns to Metropolis wanting to make it the safest city.

Despite his good intentions, Lois and Clark do not trust this change of heart and try to prove that Church has not changed. Bill Church Jr. along with Mindy, Church's new wife, try to set up Church by putting a bomb at the museum's gala to send him back in prison so they can take over the company.

Lois manages to disarm the bomb with Clark's help while not only Bill Church Sr. gets arrested but also his son, leaving Mindy to take over the company herself and re-launch Intergang.

Later Superman takes Lois to a very special place in the sky where they agree to wait for the right time to get married.

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