Whine, Whine, Whine is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


What colour is your parachute? Being a superhero seems to be a bad career choice when Superman is sued by a man he saved. Lois is drawn to Agent Scardino because Clark keeps disappearing on their dates.

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark are out on a date but Clark has to leave once again to save someone leaving Lois alone. The musician he saves though, Calvin Dregg, sues him for breaking his arm, forcing Superman to start searching for a lawyer, while Lois is furious with Clark for his constant disappearing acts.

Clark, not knowing what else to do, decides that he cannot be two people anymore and wants to move away from Metropolis so Lois can be happy.

Meanwhile, Lois discovers that Scardino is hiding things from her regarding his job and feels like he does not trust her. Lois is now lost between three men - Clark, Superman and Scardino - and asks for help from Dr. Friskin who tells her that she knew all along who she really wants but she is afraid to admit it.

While going to the court, Superman finds out that Bill Church Jr. is free again but he can't do anything about it. During Superman's trial, Church attempts to kill everyone in the courtroom but Superman saves everyone by disposing of the bomb before it explodes.

After that, Calvin pretends to have been blinded, but his wife Elise, sick of Calvin's abusive and childish behavior, berates him, reveals the truth about him, and demands a divorce, leading Superman to win the case.

Lois tells Superman that they can only be friends, Scardino that they can't see each other and heads to Clark's to express him her true feelings. The two of them kiss and start a romantic relationship.

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